10 practical ideas for small kitchens

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10 idées pratiques pour les petites cuisines
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Although smaller kitchens can sometimes pose a challenge, they also have a lot of potential. By focusing on making the space and items functional, you can create a nice area where you can cook and spend time with friends and family.

The following 10 ideas will help you get organized, maximize your space and get the most from your tiny kitchen!

1. Use the walls

Cupboards overflowing? Put a few shelves up on the wall to display your nicest coffee mugs, neatly stacked white bowls or your Italian espresso maker. Reserve a section of the wall for the world of flavours by hanging baskets where you can place your herb jars and spices. Install a towel rack on the wall and hang your most frequently used kitchen utensils from it.

2. Be magnetic

Like shelves, magnetic strips are a handy solution for storing knives, spice boxes and other metal objects. Of course, make sure to place them out of the reach of children and away from any heat source.

3. Think mobility

If you have limited counter space, purchase a kitchen island or a small cart on wheels. You can use them to prepare food, unpack your groceries, grow some herbs or to store your cookbooks on the bottom shelf. And since they’re easy to move around, you can also use them to serve pre-dinner drinks in the living room.

4. Shed some light on things

Is your kitchen somewhat gloomy? Paint it a cool white or light cream colour to give the space some depth. You could also place some task lighting or a large mirror on the wall to make the room feel larger and brighter.

5. Use the doors

You can make efficient use of the inner side of cabinet and pantry doors to free up some counter space. Install a paper towel holder, attach a cork tile where you can pin clips for holding soup or sauce packets, or hang a basket for storing pot lids or cutting boards.

6. Rediscover the Lazy Susan

This round revolving tray can be set up just about anywhere to give you easy access to your food, bowls, cups and much more. Place one in your pantry, another in your fridge, one in the corner of your counter and even on the table for family-style meals!

7. Choose retractable furniture

Like the Murphy bed that folds into the wall, the concept of retractable furniture can also be applied to the kitchen. A folding table gives you a nice comfortable nook where you can enjoy your breakfast, but then folds away to free up some space for you to carry out other tasks.

8. Organize your space with baskets or wooden crates

If you must leave certain items on the counter, store them in coordinated baskets. You can also use baskets to hold garlic, onions, potatoes, reusable bags and much more. Baskets can also be placed on top of cabinets to store seasonal items like Christmas decorations, your stash of snack foods or cleaning products purchased at wholesale stores.

9. Keep only what you need

The kitchen is one of those places where gadgets, dishes, books and, of course, food can quickly pile up. Aim to sort out all your kitchen items every season. Throw away expired food, give the unused bread maker to a neighbour, bring returnable containers back to the store and finally get some space back.

10. Keep notes

Install an erasable board on the refrigerator door or on the inside of a cupboard so you can make notes. This will allow you to jot down meal ideas and to keep track of the foods that are in the fridge, pantry or freezer. Using the food you already have in stock will not only help prevent waste, but will also free up some much-needed space.



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