10 things to organize in your home right now

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10 choses à organiser maintenant dans sa maison
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Today, we have 10 small organization projects to help make your home a more comfortable, welcoming and relaxing environment. Each project can be completed in an hour or two (even less in some cases). The good thing about small projects is that they provide quick results, which motivates us to add more to our to-do list!

1. Under the bed

If you tend to use the space under your bed to store things, it’s good to straighten this area out from time to time. Remove all the boxes and items, empty the drawers (if there are any) and divide everything into four piles: items to be donated, items to be thrown away, items to be stored elsewhere and items to be put back in an orderly manner. If you have extra space in your home, try not to leave anything under the bed. This will make your bedroom a more inviting place to be.

2. Junk drawer

We all have a drawer full of stuff because we don’t know where else to put it. Now’s the time to empty it out and re-evaluate its contents! Use the same technique as in point 1 above. Store emergency items such as flashlights within easy reach. This quick and easy task can be done while you watch your favourite series on Netflix.

3. Beauty corner

This week, set aside half an hour to tidy the area you use for putting on make-up, doing your hair or shaving. Throw away expired products, give away those that are still good but you no longer use, and put away seasonal products. Dust surfaces as well as the jars and pouches you use for storing your various grooming items.

4. Bathroom vanity

With the myriad of make-up and hygiene products, toothbrushes, medication and children’s bath toys, the vanity soon plunges into disarray. Get into the habit of organizing it once a week. To stay on top of things on a day-to-day basis, keep a clean cloth and a bottle of your favourite cleaner under the sink for a quick touch up between cleanings.

5. Bookshelf

No need to sort your books by colour (even if it’s pleasing to the eye!). However, we do recommend that you spend some quality time organizing your library. This may be by author, by literary genre or by publisher. Dust the tops of the books to remove any built-up grime. Stack your “to read” pile next to your chosen reading corner, and return any books you have borrowed to their respective owners.

6. Bedroom closet

Waking up every morning to a well-organized closet is a delightful treat! Put into practice the KonMari method, keeping only useful items that bring you joy. Put away your out-of-season clothing, identifying which garments need to be repaired.

7. Entryway

Look around the hallway of your house or apartment. Are there any coats and shoes lying around? Has the mail been opened? Have those reusable bags started to pile up? Creating a “landing strip” in your entryway is an excellent way to keep this area free of clutter. Find a spot for everything, throw unnecessary papers in the recycling bin and make it a point to tidy up this space at the end of the day.

8. Coffee corner

Wipe away the grounds and grains scattered around your coffee grinder and maker. Descale your appliances with equal parts warm water and white vinegar for a better tasting cuppa, whether prepared using a coffee pod machine, a classic coffee maker or a coffee press.

9. Sock drawer

How many pairs of socks can one person really use? Sort them out once and for all. Use empty shoe boxes to organize your sock drawer: one for sports socks, one for black socks, one for themed socks, and so on. Use single socks for dusting.

10. Gym bag

Do you routinely remove your sports clothes from your gym bag and toss them in the wash as soon as you get home from your activity? If so, congratulations! Now, empty the bag completely and wash it as well, preferably in the machine. If it isn’t machine washable, first wipe the inside with a damp cloth, then finish off with a few squirts of an antibacterial cleaner. For a natural alternative, use a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Place smaller items such as elastics and locks in the pocket compartments.

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