10 tips for lower winter heating costs

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Winter brings with it heavy coats, long nights and heating bills. Like snow, these bills can melt quickly if you follow some basic advice to keep your money nice and snug in your pocket!

1. Nice and warm under the covers!

Many experts believe that the right nighttime temperature for the bedroom is 18°C. You think that’s cold? Try adding layers of covers to keep nice and toasty! If you can, the secret is to select covers made of natural materials, such as duck or goose feathers. In the early hours, you will congratulate yourself on having saved without sweating or shivering!

2. Turning the thermostat down one small degree can pay off more than you think

Thermostats are still the most effective tools for lowering energy bills. Experts generally recommend a daytime temperature of 21°C in occupied rooms, 18°C while sleeping, and 15–16°C in unoccupied rooms or when away. Each degree lower equals savings. Before winter arrives, check your thermostat’s programming: does it have the right time? Is the program in line with your lifestyle? Etc. Also remember that Énergir offers a $25 grant when you purchase a programmable device.

3. Fans are also good in the winter!

Fans are usually associated with hot summers. But they are also useful in the winter, particularly ceiling fans that push warm air trapped near the ceiling down into the rest of the rooms.

4. Protective film or change the windows? Look at the numbers before investing

A simple and effective solution to protect yourself from the cold of winter is to install protective film on windows and doors. But be careful to install them properly! To efficiently block leaks for many months, it’s best to call on a professional. That said, it may be more cost effective in the long run to replace poorly insulated doors and windows with new, more efficient ones. Get out your calculator!

5. Leave the snow on your roof, but keep it safe

What if you let the snow build up on your roof this winter? Leaving the snow on your roof actually provides an additional protective layer on your home, which will lose less heat and save you money! However, the buildup of snow or ice should not endanger yourself or others (pedestrians, car drivers, etc.). This can be avoided by installing snow guards on the roof (some municipalities require them) and by knocking down icicles.

6. Close off unused rooms!

As families evolve, certain rooms go unused, sometimes for days, weeks or even months. You can save by closing off these unused rooms and heating them at around 15–16°C.

7. Night time is curtain time!

While the latest window technologies are efficient, it is always recommended to close curtains and blinds at night to hold in the heat. Daytime it’s the opposite; open them wide to collect the free heat from the sun.

8. Energy for you too!

You already know that to keep warm in the winter, you need to eat well and regularly drink something warm. Think of soups, simmered stews and your grandmother’s recipes, and treat yourself by giving your body what it needs to fight off the cold! Take care of yourself!

9. It’s surprising how economical blue is!

Did you know that natural gas energy is less expensive when it comes to heating your home? And we’re not just saying that because we are Énergir! Based on recent energy prices, using a high-efficiency natural gas appliance for a typical 1,200 sq. ft. home ends up being $76 cheaper than electricity, and $214 cheaper than heating oil! The larger the home, the greater the savings! In a typical, 1,700 sq. ft. single-family home, natural gas is $185 less than electricity, and $430 less than heating oil over a year. So to keep your heating budget from sliding into the red, it’s best to choose blue!

10. Service your home appliances like you do your car to optimize their durability

Regularly servicing your car seems normal, right? Then why not service your heating appliances as well? Whether they run on natural gas or another source of energy, our rough winters take a toll on a home’s equipment and appliances, which is why it’s important to take care of them by having them serviced regularly by a professional, as explained in this post . This will optimize their lifespan and let you enjoy savings even longer!

We hope these tips will help you spend the winter nice and warm without costing an arm and a leg! If you have other tips or tricks to share, please feel free to comment.

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  • Avatar
    Aaron Addison

    These tips are really helpful and workable. To keep your heating and cooling cost lower in winter and summer season is required proper control of temperature. You can do this with the help of smart thermostats of good brands like Carrier and Nest and use advanced technology HVAC systems to save on energy bills!

    Reply to Aaron Addison
  • Avatar
    Victor Testa

    We do all of the above : changed windows, have high efficiency equipment except when you have one thermostat on the main floor how can you lower the temperature in rooms which are not occupied at night or during daytime in the upper floor?

    Reply to Victor Testa
    • Gaz Métro
      Gaz Métro

      Hello Victor, Unfortunately, since you have absolutely no temperature control in these rooms, you won’t be able to do what you want to do. Do you have registers in these rooms?

      Reply to Gaz Métro
  • Avatar
    Karen Dandurand

    Good reminder.

    Reply to Karen Dandurand
  • Avatar
    Moy Fong chen

    Good advice. I am doing most of the tips already.

    Reply to Moy Fong chen
  • Avatar

    I am heating with my gas fireplace, what is the best temperature to set the fireplace at, my condo is approx 983 sq feet

    Reply to Andrea
    • Gaz Métro
      Gaz Métro

      Hello Andrea, It is hard to tell because the best temperature is the one you are comfortable at. However, the lower the temperature, the more energy you save (lower bill) so you have to find your right balance.

      Reply to Gaz Métro

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