A clean, green bathroom

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The bathroom should be an inviting place to soothe away your stress at night and get ready for your day in the morning. If you’re thinking about renovating a bathroom, it’s a great time to think about creating a bathroom that’s as clean for the planet as it is for you!

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There are several things you need to think about when you’re renovating a bathroom—for instance, you might want to consider using durable, waterproof materials with a longer lifespan. For flooring, opt for hard surfaces, such as ceramic or natural stone. They hold heat and cold, so they stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Heated floors are an excellent choice to eliminate cold spots and create a comfortable, energy-efficient bathroom. They diffuse gentle, uniform warmth throughout your bathroom and can be controlled by a thermostat. A heated towel rack, which holds its heat for a long time, can also increase the temperature of the room.

A renovation project is also a good time to think about your water consumption. You might be surprised to know that your bathroom accounts for about 65% of your water consumption! Today’s market offers a myriad of ways to reduce your water usage. For instance, if you install a temperature-sensing valve in the shower, you can set the maximum temperature and avoid wasting water before stepping into the shower.

If your toilet is more than ten years old, you might not know that it uses over twice as much water as newer models. Fortunately, several new models have a dual drainage, or dual-flush system, so you can choose how much water to use. Neptune Products, one of the first eco-responsible certified companies in Québec, designs such products.

Here are some handy tips to help you take eco-action as soon as you start renovating your bathroom!



If your bathroom is small, choose a light colour and add mirrors. Transparent fixtures will also create the illusion of its being larger.

For bigger bathrooms, play with murals or darker shades. Avoid applying bright colours to large surfaces and stick to elegant neutrals. Dare to be bold—if you have the right space! A spacious shower or a place to relax, for example, will add an element of comfort.

Your choice of materials can add colour and texture to complement the mood of a room. For a more minimalist look, pick materials with contrasting or monochromatic colours and add wall elements to free-up floor space.

The bathroom should more than look good—it should be a place to feel good—and nothing feels better than making eco-conscious choices!


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