How to decorate when you live alone

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Comment décorer quand on vit seul
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Living alone is a very common occurrence in our society. This singlehood is not forced or imposed by a life dictated by someone else, but is rather a lifestyle in which the freedom to be with whomever you choose or to pursue a successful career takes precedence over life as a couple. But what effect does that have on how you decorate? When living alone, do we decorate the same as we would if we lived with a partner or with family? Here, we look at the pros and cons of decorating for one.

Living without compromise

One of the most common challenges that arises when decorating with another person is when tastes and opinions collide. Not having to share a common living space means that you don’t have to close the doors, stay on your side of the bed, share any closet space (we’ll come back to this) or watch someone else’s favourite TV shows. Not having to share a dwelling also means no conflicts or compromises, so you can create a space that reflects your taste and personal aspirations.


Raise your hand if you find that you own a lot, if not too much, clothing. If you raised your hand, you know that it’s wonderful to be able to take full advantage of the storage available. So take the opportunity to organize the space to fit your style with matching hangers, storage baskets and small trays for fashion accessories and jewellery.

Investing in art

You can certainly paint your walls to add a personal touch, but don’t forget that art can play an important role in decorating. Art is a wise investment and a way for a single person to gradually build a collection with visual and sentimental value matched only by its market value. Opt for emerging artists, whose work may be more affordable, and develop an eye for art by doing research online and visiting galleries.

Lowering costs

Now that we’ve looked at some of the plus sides of living solo with respect to decorating, we must also deal with the realities and shed light on the less glamorous sides of singlehood. When living by yourself, you alone are responsible for covering the costs of housing, everyday expenses and decorating. You must therefore efficiently manage your budget and reduce costs wherever possible. You can do this by choosing a studio, a condo or an apartment that’s too cozy for two, but that would perfectly meet the needs of a single person, thereby reducing mortgage or rental costs. Another idea would be to give a second life to your existing furniture instead of buying new.


In the spirit of saving money and creating a unique and stylish atmosphere, you sometimes have to pick up a glue gun, some Mod Podge, Chalk Paint or wallpaper to create objects and transform your furniture and walls. DIY is a major trend that has taken over social media, creative blogs and inspiration platforms such as Pinterest.

Fresh flowers, just because

Lastly, you don’t need to wait for a soulmate to spoil you with flowers or plants throughout the year. Adding a living touch to your decor, plants and flowers have an almost magical ability to bring you comfort and make you smile, providing you a moment of Zen-like calm as you tend to them any day of the year.

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