Security automation: Keeping your home safe and sound

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When we refer to security automation, the possibilities are nearly endless: cameras, motion detectors, audio and visual alarms, presence simulation, access controls, etc. These can all be controlled remotely using your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Trusted network

For these devices to work properly, your Wi-Fi router must first be secured, since this piece of equipment is what allows you to control and communicate with your connected devices. To prevent an ill-intentioned individual from taking control of your devices in order to break into your home, invest in a router that provides network security, such as the ASUS RTAC68U or the TP‑Link Archer C3150 V2, change your main administrator password and make sure your device is always using the latest firmware version.

Once your network is properly protected, you can contemplate transforming your home into a true “digital fortress” using solutions like the ones listed below.

Video surveillance

Nothing deters burglars better than a strategically placed camera! It can allow you to view your home’s surroundings, even at night, when used in combination with an automated lighting system or infrared device. You can also add a microphone and loudspeaker so you can communicate remotely, for example, with your children when they come home from school. Certain models, such as Google’s Nest Cam IQ, even offer facial recognition, a solution that will please geeks and other cutting-edge technology enthusiasts!

Door, window and motion detectors

Thanks to automation, alarm systems have become truly “intelligent.” Door, window and motion detectors can be connected to other devices to create a highly dissuasive “choreography.” For example, imagine that a door sensor detects break-ins. A strobe light is immediately triggered inside the house, a camera turns on to film the thieves and the alarm sounds. Simultaneously, you are informed of the break-in attempt and the police are called to the site if necessary. This will certainly discourage the most persistent of perpetrators!

Smoke, gas and water detectors… and more!

You can also connect smoke and CO2, gas, water and equipment outage detectors to your control panel and program them to react to different scenarios. For example, in the event of a risk of fire or flood, you will immediately receive an alert on your mobile device, allowing you to act quickly. Still on the topic of home security, several Wi-Fi-compatible drowning detection devices are available in the form of a headband or bracelet. These devices warn you if your child falls in the pool—one more way to give yourself peace of mind!

Presence simulation

Did you know that automated security can also give the impression you are home even when you aren’t? This can be very practical when you are away for the weekend or go on holiday. For example, your system can be programmed to open and close electric blinds, operate your audio system or television, turn your lights on in the evening, trigger your garden sprinkler system and even make a fake dog bark. All without you having to lift a finger!

Access control

Last but not least, your security arsenal can include access control, which brings together all the devices that allow you to control access to your home… remotely! Are you lending or renting your home? Does a friend or housekeeper need to come by while you are absent? You no longer need to hide a key. Thanks to automation, you can unlock and lock your doors remotely, or even program them using different parameters.

The simplest technology is the smart lock, which controls access to your home by means of a numeric or alphanumeric code. Other possibilities are an audio or even video doorbell, where visitors must verbally or visually identify themselves in order to enter. Lastly, more sophisticated models use biometrics (facial, fingerprint or voice recognition), or motion identification (gestures or movements) to control access. These are all practical solutions to increase your home’s security and make your life easier.

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