The Living Room: Multi-use space

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The living room is THE most multi-functional room in the home. We relax there, entertain there – even eat and play there. The room has to be adaptable to the rhythms of our life so we feel good when all alone there, or when we are with friends, who will want to come back to visit us.


The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home. We want an ambience that is cozy, conducive to sharing and conversing. Over a glass of wine, we feel at ease and relaxed. Add a little background music, comfortable seating and – voilà – the ambiance is created! When we are alone and want to use the space in different ways, like amusing ourselves with a games console, or stretching out in front of the television, we need more space. We have many ways of amusing ourselves and our living room must be able to adapt to all of them. Here are some ideas to help us easily vary the room’s functions: a coffee table on wheels, a rug that can be converted into an exercise mat, a cabinet that hides our warm blanket, other accessories and panoply of remotes! Really thinking about the design and layout of the living room will help us appreciate all our activities – whether planned or spontaneous!


The living room is still the ideal place for relaxing. It must be both comfortable and adapted to our physical size and shape. Don’t buy a sofa on the spur of the moment. It is essential to take more than 5 minutes to find out how it is made and the durability of the materials. The Québec company, G. Romano,  makes hand-made models that combine design and durability with environmentally conscious practices and materials.

Also, don’t forget that lighting greatly affects our comfort in the living room, so it’s important that it can be adapted to our activities. A dimmer for general lighting, some moveable lighting and reading lamps all help us enjoy our moments for relaxing – even snoozing!


The living room is often an open, central space in the home, unifying the other rooms. Opting for neutral tones with some accents will give your home a cohesive interior. When you furnish your living room, take care not to choose disproportionate furniture. If the room is small, it is best to choose smaller pieces of furniture. And if the room is very large, do not clutter it with small armchairs – opt instead for a large or sectional sofa.

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Televisions are getting bigger and bigger these days. So youdon’t feel that you are in the front row at the cinema, allow enough distance from the television so you can watch in comfort. You can find an easy-to-use calculator on the Website: Rtings

To avoid too much contrast and be able to ignore the TV when it’s not on, paint the wall on which it is installed in a dark colour.

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Remember that the decorative objects in your living room represent you! Often they are what catches the eye of your guests. A work of art, a collection, a family heirloom, books you have loved, or holiday souvenirs become a subject for discussion. Your living room is also where you expose your tastes and preferences.

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The living room needs to be a practical space because it is one of the rooms where we spend the most time – a space that reflects who we are, where we can receive guests in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and where our friends and family feel at home.

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