Three useful tips when hiring your first employees

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These days, we need to innovate when it comes to using new technologies, but also in how we manage and operate a business in order to adapt to the realities of new generations. If you are a young entrepreneur who has started a business, know that you are making an important contribution to society. Cybele Rioux, Human Resources Advisor at Alizé ressources humaines, agrees. You rely on your open-mindedness and creativity to manage your business.

In terms of trends, you are blurring the line between your professional and personal life more than older generations. Ms. Rioux cites as examples hiring friends, 24/7 connectivity via smartphones and your expertise with real-time collaboration tools. “For example, even if they tend to tackle several things at once, young entrepreneurs under 30 are more transparent with their employees and work as a team more easily.” In terms of employee benefits, she says that entrepreneurs in some fields are very generous. A good example is the information technology sector, where entrepreneurs “offer massage sessions, game and break rooms, the possibility of teleworking, etc. It’s imaginative and it helps them stand out from other companies.” She also mentions that employees appreciate options that let them manage their schedules, like 4-day work weeks, flexible vacation days and other work/life balance measures. Many of you also offer more flexible group insurance plans and provide your employees with the equipment to work from home. In addition, as you usually do not offer pension funds, you make up for it by offering to put a percentage of employees’ salary into an RRSP.

Useful tips

Be well prepared before hiring

Before recruiting your first employee, it’s a good idea to remember that you must analyze your needs, get informed and decide what you want from your employee in terms of results. According to Ms. Rioux, many entrepreneurs in a rush to find an employee post the job too quickly and must shortly thereafter restart the hiring process because they were unable to recruit the required employee. She also underlines the importance of asking for help for the first recruitment process and the first human resources challenges. “Emploi-Québec employees can offer good advice, suggest professionals and even provide financial assistance. Contact them for information. Given that salary expenditures can represent 50% of a company’s operating costs, it is very important for bosses to surround themselves with the right people to ensure their business’ success.”

Focus on your company’s mission and longevity

Becoming friends with your employees is an option. Obviously, you are allowed to have fun and stay free and creative. However, you cannot forget your company’s mission. Keeping the mission in mind will help guide you in your decision making to ensure your company’s longevity. Similarly, Ms. Rioux suggests setting time aside for things that can help move your company forward, like long-term planning, identifying and communicating your expectations with regard to employees, etc.

Be transparent

According to Ms. Rioux, entrepreneurs often tend to express themselves more easily than others and have more difficulty listening to their employees or understanding situations from their point of view. To be able to accept new ideas that could help your company thrive, and to remain sensitive to your employees unexpressed discomforts, you must be attentive and transparent by putting yourself in their shoes.

Now it’s your turn to have your say. Do these business management styles resemble yours? I am curious to discover the challenges you face as young entrepreneurs.

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