Small gesture reveal big heart

At Énergir, we are active in the community and we encourage our employees’ involvement. We provide support across Québec through our business offices and in the neighbourhoods surrounding our head office. We support the engagement of employees in organizations that are important to them. We share our expertise in the energy field with our partners and the next generation. We make sure that our actions have a ripple effect to create caring ecosystems.
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Mutual assistance benefits everyone!

For the last several years, employees have embraced the Centraide campaign and have been extremely generous in giving and participating enthusiastically in various fundraising activities! They break new records year after year.

Generosity has been there for more than 35 years!

At Énergir, we believe strongly in community involvement. For over 30 years, employees have been rolling up their sleeves to put together and deliver Christmas baskets, providing food for 250 families in the Centre-Sud district. A portion of the Christmas baskets is funded through the sale of honey produced by the beehives on our roof, which also contributes to wildlife diversity.

Ruelle de l'avenir

Because we are committed to encouraging students to stay in school, in 2008 we co-founded a unique project: the Ruelle de l’avenir, a learning environment for several hundred elementary and high school children in the Centre-Sud district. Also, some of our employees are involved as mentors with Academos to help young people from all over Québec find their way.
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Reaching out to women in need

With the Soupe pour Elles community movement, Énergir employees are mobilizing and putting all their hearts into increasing support for women in difficulty, living in precarious situations, homelessness or victims of violence. In addition to highlighting the difficulties experienced by these women, Soup pour Elles is an opportunity to financially support 11 Montreal organizations that work with them.
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Let’s get involved! Atout cœur

Many Énergir employees get involved in their own communities for causes they hold dear, and we support them in their initiatives. Spending time and energy improves the community’s quality of life and supports the company’s civic values. The employee community engagement support program helps give donations to Québec non-profit organizations in which employees are actively involved.

The employee community engagement support program

It's every year :
  • more than 20 organizations supported
  • about 200 employees involved
  • about 3,000 hours of volunteer work
  • more than $70,000 of donations

The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and sponsoring young people in youth centres

" The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie’s La Boucle is a 135-km cycling tour that promotes healthy lifestyle habits. We’ve formed a team with our Union des municipalités du Québec partners and we’re sponsoring two young people living in care. Énergir helps out by making a donation to the chosen youth centre. This activity allows us to mix sport and social engagement, but also to surpass ourselves. The two young people who participate in the Grand défi receive a bike and coaching before the event to train. A simple spark can make them realize that they can accomplish anything they want in life. And that’s what we’re trying to do in this challenge—light that spark! "

Thierry Salem, Director, Sales, Development and Fuel

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Earth Rangers conference

" This year, we sponsored a school in an underprivileged area of Shawinigan by offering them an Earth Ranger conference. I was happy to see the kids in special education classes (global developmental delay, pervasive developmental disorder) thrilled to have real animals in their school—reptiles, skunks, owls and falcons. It’s a great way to give back to the community and raise awareness among young people about the importance of the environment! "

Olivier Lafrance, Manager, Transmission and Mauricie Business Office

Academos mentor

" When I heard that Énergir was looking for Academos mentors, I ran to sign up! I took part in Énergir’s Bleu études program, and I’m also a mentor in the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal Interconnection program. I love my job, so it gives me great pleasure to share my passion with young people who are interested in an engineering career and help them avoid certain mistakes. Mentoring is rewarding for me too: I hosted an Academos intern for a day and it really inspired me to see a curious and committed young person! Definitely an experience to be repeated! "

Mohamed Salah Aboudi, Engineering Manager, Design Engineering

Put our energy together

At Énergir, we believe that there are innovative ways to get involved in communities and that by bringing together the right people around the right projects, we can create new energies that will have a positive impact on society. This is why, for many years, Énergir has been involved, among other things, through several donations and sponsorships.
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