Being accessible

“To do this work, it essential to have a strong customer service orientation, excellent communication skills and an ability to explain technical concepts. My work requires interpersonal skills and a listening ear to work with various stakeholders, and that’s ideal for me because I love this environment.”
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Working closely

My starting point: Understanding my customers’ activities. I analyze their annual natural gas consumption, visit their facilities, and seek to learn as much as possible about their transformation procedures and products in order to advise them on how to reduce their energy consumption. I liaise with the Marketing and Sales departments, which complete the offer with the customer. I put the right resources in touch with one another!

Opportunities to learn

I joined Gaz Métro in 2005, having studied mechanical engineering, with a specialization in energy. I had to assimilate a lot of information on natural gas distribution and learn the ins and outs of the company, the gas industry as a whole and the energy market. I therefore “tamed the beast” in order to have a command of every facet. I am in constant contact with the Natural Gas Technologies Centre (NGTC) to stay one step ahead of new processes being developed.

Combining health and involvement

“I like to keep moving! I run, go horseback riding and swim. My office is at the head office and I go swimming at the sports centre around the corner twice a week whenever possible. I also like to get involved in a cause. I participated in fundraising activities for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, including the MS Bike three times, the MS Acotango Challenge and the MS Kilimanjaro Challenge. Giving is rewarding and good for the soul! It always comes back to us in the end!”
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