To practise this trade, it takes...

Curiosity, knowledge, audacity and humility! Because sustainable development covers vast fields of expertise, the most important thing is to recognize our strengths and be able to collaborate with other professionals. It requires an ability to examine complex issues. We also have to be aware of new knowledge and best practices because the field is evolving quickly. We must also know how companies operate, for example their governance, to know how to make transformational changes.

Before joining Énergir

After completing my bachelor’s degree in economics and international development, I did an internship in India! It convinced me of the necessity to encourage companies to become better corporate citizens. I then obtained a DESS (specialized graduate diploma) in management and sustainable development from HEC Montréal. After consulting for six years in this field, I wanted to join a company and exert influence internally! At Énergir, I can, and I have been doing so since 2014.

Never a dull moment

Given the number of stimulating projects we are offered, it’s impossible to be bored. What I enjoy most at Énergir is working and collaborating with dynamic people who believe deeply in the need to improve on the sustainable development front. It makes my work much more enjoyable!
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