Tight-knit teams

A world composed of tight-knit teams, like the Geomatics department. Some fifty employees who locate, survey, map and document the transformations and expansion of our 10,000-km gas network.
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Teams at the heart of challenges

Teams at the heart of changes, like the team at the natural gas liquefaction plant. Their common goal: triple the plant’s capacity to meet increasing demand in a growing market: liquefied natural gas (LNG). Do you enjoy challenges? Serving Québec in LNG as a motor vehicle and maritime fuel and contributing to reducing GHG emissions, now that’s a challenge!
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Multidisciplinary teams

There are as many multidisciplinary teams as there are projects that require company-wide collaboration and complementary skills. For example: The development of the LNG industry is supported by several departments, including Business Development and Renewable Energy, Sales, Marketing, Legal Affairs, Sustainable Development, Public Affairs.
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A team of leaders

A team of managers who combine engagement and performance! Our executives are encouraged to adopt a management style focused on success that inspires trust, incites collaboration, and develops skills and flexibility. We invite them to give meaning to the work to be accomplished, assist employees, promote thoroughness and ensure the coherence of future actions.
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Performance, respect and responsibility

Our values translate into concrete actions in every employee's day-to-day life. We create a better life together!

PERFORMANCE – Overcome challenges by ensuring unparallelled know-how and expertise.
RESPECT – Work in collaboration, by maintaining unifying relationships.
RESPONSIBILITY – Contribute to building a better life, because we do not just say it, we do it!
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Working at Énergir means keeping ethics in mind

Staying vigilant, spotting grey areas and adopting best practices at all times. A must at Énergir.
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