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Who better to talk about our job opportunities than the men and women who work at Énergir? Learn more about what they do.
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  • Our universe in video

    Videos of our job opportunities

    Discover the universe of Énergir's employees. They will welcome you into their day-to-day life, at the heart of their activities. See them in action and interaction and discover a few facets of their reality.


    Discover men and women who are passionate about their trade and proud of their company! Two technicians, a welder and a mechanic, talk about their job and the benefits of working at Énergir. (Video in French)
  • Employees' testimonials


    Geneviève Gilbert

    “This work requires considerable rigour. I manage my time in a very structured manner. We have to be resourceful because sometimes things move fast!”

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    Dominic Leblanc

    “I am passionate about my work. It allows me to accomplish many types of tasks. It’s very physical work that requires an alert mind.”

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    Martin Cimoné

    “In addition to problem-solving, I also do personalized assistance. For example, an employee calls me because he has a pagination problem in his Word  document. I assist him.”

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    Monique Béland

    “Day or night, rain or shine, people count on me to help ensure the public’s safety. I find it motivating.”

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    Marie-Joëlle Lainé

    “Our team’s initiatives highlight Énergir’s position as a leader and its innovation in energy. I am proud of my contribution!”

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    Stéphanie Piette

    “There has never been a single morning when I said to myself: ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’ I love my job. I invest a lot of energy into making the most accurate sketches possible for contractors and municipalities. Every case is different.”

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    Philippe Lanthier

    “Given the number of stimulating projects we are offered, there’s never a dull moment. What I enjoy most at Énergir is working and collaborating with dynamic people who believe deeply in the need to improve on the sustainable development front. It makes my work much more enjoyable!”

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  • Our energies and jobs

    Gas network

    Imagine the variety of trades that allows us to operate a network of over 10,000 km of underground pipelines that serves some 300 municipalities and more than 195,000 customers.
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    Work directly on the gas network

    Participate in the distribution of approximately 97% of the natural gas consumed in Québec. In homes, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, office buildings, hospitals and major industries: natural gas is at the heart of Québecers’ daily lives.

    Contribute to our customers’ satisfaction

    Efficient, practical, economical and safe, natural gas is the energy choice for many Québec families and businesses. Heating air and water, cooking and drying are all uses for natural gas that make living spaces much more pleasant.

    Liquefied natural gas

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas cooled to -160 °C, the temperature at which it changes from a gas to a liquid. Once liquefied, it takes up 600 times less space than in its gaseous state. In the same amount of space, it is therefore possible to store 600 times more energy in LNG format than natural gas in its gaseous state—an undeniable advantage for its transportation and storage. Does developing flexible and economical solutions appeal to you?
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    Participate in developing LNG, a growing market

    LNG can meet energy needs in several sectors. This is the case for heavy transport, marine transport and industrial and mining facilities in remote regions not served by the gas network.

    Contribute to reducing Québec’s GHG emissions

    By promoting natural gas in heavy transport and industries and by replacing fuel oil and diesel, we can reduce GHG emissions and atmospheric pollutants by up to 32%. This is an excellent way to help Québec breathe easier while allowing users to take advantage of many other benefits.

    Wind power

    Did you know that Énergir means more than natural gas? Working at Énergir also means supporting involvement in the field of wind-generated electricity production!
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    Diversifying forms of energy

    For us, Québec’s sustainable development involves a range of energy sources, including wind energy production. The complementarity of different types of energy and the sources that produce them is a solution that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Association with a flagship project

    We believe in promoting energies that reduce our environmental footprint while encouraging the economic development of the regions! Our involvement in the Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farms in the Québec City region is proof positive. Featuring 154 wind turbines, it is one of the largest wind farms in the country. It generates enough electricity to meet the annual consumption needs of more than  65,000 Québec homes. Does that appeal to you?

    Biomethane: A renewable natural gas

    Transforming energy from organic waste such as table scraps is a natural solution in the fight against climate change. Does searching for innovative solutions interest you?
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    Participating in the emergence of promising projects, like biomethanization

    Biomethanization gives table scraps a second lease on life and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. The biomethane produced from this waste can be injected into our gas network in order to heat buildings, supply vehicle fleets, and so on.

    A locally produced renewable natural gas

    The municipality of Saint-Hyacinthe was the first city to produce energy through biomethanization and thus take another step toward energy self-reliance. Deployed in partnership with Énergir, this initiative will heat the city’s buildings and fuel its vehicles, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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