Beauharnois industrial park: Natural gas still recocgnized as a lever for economis development

July 9, 2015 - Press releases

Montréal, July 9, 2015 – Gaz Métro is delighted with the city of Beauharnois' intent to take advantage of natural gas as a lever for economic development on its territory. Present in the region since 1983, Gaz Métro salutes this promising project, which will add a significant energy incentive to Beauharnois' comprehensive offer for companies that want to do business there. Efficient and affordable, natural gas can curb energy costs significantly, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 32%, compared with oil products. The project announced today aims to extend the Gaz Métro network from the city of Beauharnois to its industrial park over a distance of nearly eight kilometres. The commissioning of the new gas infrastructures is slated for 2016. 

"The city of Beauharnois has demonstrated real leadership and long-term vision in the planning of this project," highlights Stéphane Santerre, Sales Director, Major Accounts and Datech Group at Gaz Métro. "We are convinced that natural gas—highly valued in the industrial sector—will be an effective lever to attract large companies to the region. Less costly than electricity and heavy fuel oil, natural gas can cut the energy bills of businesses in half."

This extension of the gas network could also be put to use as part of the biomethanization plant project, which is also planned on the industrial park site. "This biomethanization project is another example of Beauharnois' vision, by managing internal waste through the production of renewable energy," concludes Mr. Santerre.

Gaz Métro

With more than $6 billion in assets, Gaz Métro is a leading energy provider. It is the largest natural gas distribution company in Quebec, where its network of over 10,000 km of underground pipelines serves more than 300 municipalities and more than 195,000 customers. Gaz Métro is also present in Vermont, producing electricity and distributing electricity and natural gas to meet the needs of more than 305,000 customers. Gaz Métro is actively involved in the development and operation of innovative, promising energy projects, including natural gas as fuel and liquefied natural gas as a replacement for higher emission-producing energies, the production of wind power, and the development of biomethane. Gaz Métro is a major energy sector player that takes the lead in responding to the needs of its customers, regions and municipalities, local organizations and communities while also satisfying the expectations of its Partners (Gaz Métro inc. and Valener) and employees.


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