Énergir, three times champion for its openness related to climate change

October 8, 2009 - Press releases

Montreal, 8 October 2009 – For the third year, Énergir places among the Canadian firms with exemplary openness related to their carbon footprint. The Carbon Disclosure Project announced today that Énergir was again one of the leaders for the disclosure of its actions and achievements related to climate change.

This distinction comes within the scope of one of the important fields of action for Énergir, by which the firm acts to reduce its ecological footprint. Énergir committed itself, as early as 1994, to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This commitment has led Énergir to obtain appreciable results and to develop its communications toward a greater openness.

“Openness is essentiel for good governance, says Philippe Batani, Chief of Sustainable Development at Énergir. For Énergir, it’s a precept that applies as much to our results in the area of sustainable development as it does to our investor relations.”

This recognition coincides with the publication of Énergir’s first report on sustainable development. The report presents the company’s activities, achievements, as well as the challenges related to its sustainable development. The electronic version of the report is available at www.gazmetro.com/dd.

The results of Énergir and of its clients

Since the early 2000s, Énergir has been doing its part to bring its GHG emissions below their 1990 level. Over the years, this objective has been surpassed and total emissions are now well below that level. In 2008, our GHG emissions totalled 66,718 tonnes, compared with 78,552 tonnes in 1990, a 15.1% reduction.

In its addition the steps its has taken voluntarily, in 2007, Énergir embarked on a formal plan, tabled with the Régie de l’énergie, to reduce GHGs by 350 tonnes of CO2 eq. each year, from 2008 to 2012, based on special projects related to its installations and activities.

Énergir also helps its customers adapt to the current challenges by proposing energy efficiency programs that help in the fight against climate change. Since the launch of the Energy Efficiency Plan and the Energy Efficiency Fund in 2000, more than 66,000 customers have taken advantage of the programs to save 169 million cubic metres of natural gas and reduced total GHG emissions by the equivalent of about 320,000 tonnes of CO2. This is in addition to residential and business clients who have converted appliances that use polluting energies to natural gas by taking advantage of the Assistance Account for the Substitution of More Pollutant Energy Sources. In total, these measures have helped Énergir clients reduce their GHG emissions by and equivalent of 344,000 tonnes of CO2.

About Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project is an organization that gathers information from large businesses on their activities related to climate change, with the support of 385 investments managers responsible for $57 trillion in assets.

In 2008, 1,672 firms have answered Carbon Disclosure Project’s questionnaire, of which 106 are Canadian firms.

An overview of Énergir

With nearly $3.4 billion in assets, Énergir is Quebec’s leading natural gas distribution company. Working in this regulated industry for over 50 years, Énergir has become the trusted energy provider to some 180,000 customers in Quebec and 134,500 customers in Vermont while developing the skills and expertise needed to diversify beyond natural gas. Énergir is committed to its customers, unitholders, employees and community.

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