Natural Gas: a profitable business decision for Québec companies

March 15, 2011 - Press releases

Énergir launches a new campaign aimed at Québec business owners

Montréal, March 15, 2011 – In a context where natural gas is the cheapest energy for many years compared to electricity and oil , Énergir is launching a new advertising campaign in which it invites Québec business owners to make the switch to cost savings by choosing natural gas over electricity. If natural gas prices reaches record low prices nowadays, this energy is cheaper than electricity and fuel oil for many years in the business market.

Natural gas: a business decision affecting the competitiveness of Québec companies
Over the past 12 years, natural gas has been, on average, 24% cheaper than electricity for a small business (15,000 m3) and 30% cheaper for a medium-sized business or industrial concern (41,500 m3).
Over the past 6 years, natural gas has been, on average, 16% cheaper than oil for a small business (15,000 m3) and 20% cheaper for a medium-sized business or industrial concern (41,500 m3). Savings like these can represent thousands of dollars per year for Énergir customers.

"Choosing natural gas is a winning business decision for staying competitive, and our customers get the message. In addition, financial assistance representing up to 40% of the investment costs associated with the purchase of high energy efficiency equipment is available to our customers," pointed out Patrick Mekhaël, Sales Manager, Major Accounts at Énergir.

Preview of the new advertising campaign aimed at entrepreneurs
The new campaign, which starts tomorrow, turns the spotlight on actual Énergir customers who have chosen natural gas and who testify about the savings on their energy bills. These ads may be viewed in advance of their release, at:

"We decided to focus on one of the concerns that closely affect small businesses in Québec: cost savings. Two of our customers, Pneus Fredette and Dayan, provide testimonials of the savings they have observed since last year having chosen natural gas, 21% and 25% respectively," says Valérie Sapin, Marketing Director at Gaz  Métro.

The price of natural gas is staying low
In March 2011, the price of the natural gas supplied by Énergir set a new record: the lowest price in 9 years ($4.60/GJ), beating all the previous records of the fall of 2010.

Natural gas accounts for nearly 11% of the energy used in Quebec. It powers our schools, our hospitals, our industries and our homes and is currently available at a very competitive price, in large part because of increased shale gas production, mainly in the United States. Higher production means a lower price, which is good news not only for Énergir customers but also for Quebec as a whole. In the past two years, the low price of natural gas has served as an incentive for many consumers to switch from heavy fuel oil. The direct result has been a reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Quebec, to the tune of nearly 0.5 million tonnes.

Petroleum products such as fuel oil and diesel represent a 38% slice of the energy pie in Quebec – almost as much as electricity. Quebec holds the dubious distinction of being Canada's largest consumer of heavy fuel oil, accounting for 35% (in 2010) of national usage. Adopting natural gas as an alternative to more polluting sources of energy, such as heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and diesel, is a meaningful and immediate contribution to the fight against GHG emissions in a wide range of sectors, including heavy transport.

Overview of Énergir
With over $3.6 billion in assets, Énergir is Quebec's leading natural gas distributor. Operating in this regulated industry for over 50 years, Énergir has become the trusted energy provider to more than 180,000 customers in Quebec and 135,000 customers in Vermont while developing the skills and expertise needed to diversify beyond natural gas. In line with its prudent growth strategy, Énergir is present in the electricity distribution market in Vermont and in the development of wind power projects in Quebec. Showing a competitive spirit, Énergir is committed to its customers, partners, employees and the community.

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