Natural gas odor in Montreal Region

October 17, 2006 - Press releases

Montreal, Octobre 17, 2006 - Énergir wishes to advise the public that an odor of natural gas may be noticeable in the Lanaudière area and in the outer limits of Montreal and Laval.

Énergir wishes to reassure the population that this odor does not signify the presence of natural gas in the air; it is simply that of mercaptan, an odorizing agent added to natural gas. The smell of mercaptan can be detected at very low concentrations. It is added for security reasons to natural gas, which itself is odorless.

The odor noticeable today is perfectly harmless and has its origin in work being carried out on a Énergir facility in L'Assomption. Though this is an exceptional situation, Énergir nevertheless wishes to remind the public that, for security reasons, anyone detecting natural gas odors should always alert the emergency services.

Énergir re-sells natural gas supplies to its customers at the same price as it pays. This price is fixed monthly according to rules laid down by the Régie de l’énergie. Also, the financial mechanisms in place allow customers to avoid the daily ups and downs of the market by paying for natural gas at a price below the spectacular, highly publicized peak prices.

Source :
Frédéric Krikorian
Public and Governmental Affairs
(514) 598-3449

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