The cost of energy: a competitive advantage for companies

March 10, 2010 - Press releases

Natural gas more economical than electricity for the last 11 years

Montréal, March 10, 2010 – Énergir is launching today its new advertising campaign aimed at business customers. Entitled “11:0”, the campaign plays up the competitive position of natural gas compared with electricity and fuel oil. For 11 years and counting, natural gas has been cheaper than electricity in the business market, and it has easily beaten fuel oil for the last six years.

In choosing natural gas, entrepreneurs are making the right business decision. Natural gas is a competitive energy that helps current and potential Énergir customers achieve significant savings, given that energy costs represent on average 15.8% of an SME’s total expenses. Small companies can thus invest the savings from their energy bill into other spheres of activity and enjoy a competitive advantage in their industry.

Blue entrepreneurs score another point

For the 11th consecutive year, small companies that use natural gas can delight in the fact that this energy is the least expensive. For an SME, that translates into an average annual saving in energy costs of 23%, or $26,221 over an 11-year period for 15,000 m3 consumed by a high efficiency natural gas heating system, versus an electrical one.

Receive up to 40% of installation costs in financial assistance

Thanks to the programs offered by Énergir, companies can receive financial assistance toward converting their heating system to natural gas or replacing their old one. Offered until May 28, 2010, this financial assistance can represent up to 40% of the purchase and installation costs, depending on the type of appliance.

Énergir in brief
With assets of more than $3.5 billion, Énergir is the major natural gas distributor in Québec. A regulated utility for more than 50 years, Énergir has become the energy supplier of choice of some 180,000 customers in Québec and 136,000 customers in Vermont and it has acquired the know-how and skills needed to diversify its activities beyond natural gas. In line with its prudent growth strategy, Énergir has made a successful entry into the electricity distribution market in Vermont and the development of wind energy projects in Québec.

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