How does Énergir help its customers?

Énergir is multiplying its energy efficiency efforts by creating and offering innovative solutions allowing its customers to cut their energy consumption and costs and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In all, Énergir offers more than 20 energy efficiency programs tailored to its customers’ needs.
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Programs to encourage the implementation of efficiency measures

Énergir encourages customers who want to implement energy efficiency measures to optimize the use of natural gas and reduce energy consumption. Énergir constantly innovates by adjusting its programs or offering new ones based on evolving technologies and customer needs.
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Solar air preheating for buildings

Énergir offers companies a financial incentive for the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system. Installing solar walls on buildings makes it possible to preheat the air supply to the ventilation system. This allows companies to save substantially on the natural gas consumption required to heat fresh air, and to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Efficient renovation of building envelopes

This program is aimed at encouraging efficient renovations that will improve the thermal envelope of buildings to make them more energy efficient and as a result reduce energy consumption and costs. The work can involve replacing the windows, insulating the walls, insulating the roof, sealing the building, installing thermal screens for greenhouses, etc.

Our engineers work closely with our customers

Énergir has set up a team of expert consultants specially trained to optimize the energy efficiency and performance of its customers’ equipment and reduce their consumption costs.
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Grants for high-efficiency appliances

Énergir offers grants to promote the purchase of high-efficiency appliances to encourage its residential and business customers to consume energy more efficiently. The amount of these grants reduces the difference between the cost of a high-efficiency appliance and a standard appliance. Customers cut their energy bill and reduce their environmental footprint at the same time.
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Concrete projects

Since 2001, more than 120,500 energy efficiency projects have been carried out with our customers, reducing Québec’s environmental footprint by nearly 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas. That’s equivalent to 191,000 fewer vehicles on Québec’s roads this year.
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Energy efficiency in a single-family home

Guillaume Bouchard, owner of a single-family home, switched from oil heating to natural gas. For his family, which already drove an electric car, it was perfectly natural to make the switch to a high-efficiency system. Reducing their greenhouse gas emissions was a smart choice for the Bouchard family… and for the planet. Read the full testimonial 
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Energy efficiency in Québec City

When the Parc Chauvreau indoor soccer complex was built, Québec City made sure to minimize energy loss by opting for a motion detection system that can either start or stop the heating depending on the level of activity at the complex. The city also decided to choose high-efficiency equipment for its heating and hot water systems, to be able to quickly meet the stadium’s specific and emergency needs. Read the full testimonial 
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