Be it through its involvement in growth-generating projects, community investments or sponsorships, Énergir is engaged in its community and promotes sustainable development.
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  • Key partnerships
    Énergir invests time and resources into partnerships with several organizations and groups that share is values. Through its involvements, Énergir believes it can make a difference in the community with its partner organizations and groups.
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    The Switch Alliance

    Since 2014, Énergir has been a partner and member of the Switch Alliance advisory committee, implementing innovative solutions to accelerate Québec’s transition to a greener economy that creates wealth and respects the environment. The energy sector is at the heart of this transition due to its ability to offer innovative energy efficiency solutions, reduce the transportation sector’s environmental footprint and develop renewable energies.


    In March 2015, Énergir became a key partner of Écotech, Québec’s clean technology cluster. The company’s mission is to assemble and mobilize the clean technology ecosystem around common objectives within a sustainable development perspective. This commitment also reflects Énergir’s important role as a player in the shift toward a green economy. 


    Énergir is one of the founding members of the Espace québécois de concertation sur les pratiques d'approvisionnement responsables (ECPAR), which promotes discussion and collaboration between companies and organizations that want to improve their goods and services procurement processes. With a view to committing to a responsible approach, ECPAR invites these organizations to adhere to common principles, i.e. exemplarity, governance, equity and efficiency, environmental integrity, and socio-economic development.

    Montréal community

    Énergir is a partner of the Montréal Community Sustainable Development Plan, implemented under the stewardship of the City of Montréal. Through this partnership, Énergir supports actions in line with the City’s key priorities, engages in a reflection on its contribution to the heat islands phenomenon and its promotion of responsible modes of transport, and significantly reduces its GHG emissions.

    Engagement with stakeholders

    Along with its partners, Énergir needs the community, its employees, customers and all other stakeholders in order to create value. The issues stakeholders define as priorities automatically become key issues for Énergir. For example, when developing its Sustainable Development Roadmap in 2012 and preparing its 2013 and 2015 Sustainable Development Reports, Énergir consulted closely with its stakeholders to establish the priority issues for the progress of its sustainable development approach.
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  • Community investments
    Énergir’s interest in its community reflects the scope of its commitment to creating a healthy and dynamic environment. In terms of community engagement, the company voluntarily complies with the Imagine standard, which proposes the reinvestment of 1% of its net profit in the community. The investments are distributed throughout Québec, and a little over half go to the health and education sectors. 
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    Ruelle de l’avenir

    Énergir is one of the founding organizations of the Ruelle de l’avenir, which was created in 2008, a unique place where several hundred elementary school students from the Centre-Sud and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhoods can learn. This project mobilized several partners and required the efforts and expertise of many employees. In only a few months, Énergir created a space that offers young people hope for a better future and the tools required to begin to build it.
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    Énergir and its employees participate actively in theCentraide for more than 25 years. In 2017, more than $4667,000 was donated to Centraide, which supports annually more than 1,700 local organizations and projects throughout Québec.

    Community Investment Policy

    To ensure that the company’s investments reflect our objectives, vision and values, this policy determines how donations are awarded. It promotes rallying projects and initiatives that improve the community’s long-term quality of life and promote organizations and projects in the communities where employees work, namely at the head office and regional business offices.
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  • Sponsorships
    Énergir’s involvement in its community also includes the sponsorships it chooses to grant, which reflect and by the same token promote its mission, vision and values. Énergir is actively involved in partnerships focused on renewable energies, sustainable development promotion and Québec entrepreneurship development.
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    Conseil régional en environnement de Montréal 

    Énergir also offers its support to CRE-Montréal, which shares its values of environmental protection and sustainable development. The organization works to advance environmental issues through broad themes such as green spaces and natural environments, waste, transportation or water and air, as well as cross-cutting issues like sustainable development, land development and climate change.


    For several years, Énergir has sponsored the FCCQ’s Mercuriades, which have become the most recognized and prestigious business awards in Québec. Every year, this contest celebrates the innovation, ambition, entrepreneurship and performance of Québec companies, from SMEs to large corporations.

    Boards of trade

    Énergir is involved with several boards of trade as a partner for events. The Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM), the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM), the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal (CCEM) and the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) are some of the partnerships that enable Énergir to contribute to the development of Québec entrepreneurs and encourage the business community.


    For the last five years, Énergir has also contributed to the OSEntreprendre Challenge, whose mission is to build a proud, innovative, engaged and prosperous Québec. In existence since 1997 under various names and logos, this challenge mobilizes a large network of partners, promotes entrepreneurial initiatives and showcases inspiring projects and personalities. 


    Gaz Métro is also very involved with municipalities through two of its closest partners: the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ) and the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM). The company participates in many events and projects organized by these organizations, and calls on them for the purposes of various reflection exercises.


    Info-Excavation is a leader in locating underground infrastructures, including sewer, aqueduct, telecommunications, electrical distribution and gas networks. Énergir supports Info-Excavation by participating in many of their events and by educating citizens on the importance of this organization, which offers a solution that promotes the safety of workers and residents, the protection of the environment and the maintenance of public utilities.