Our roadmap

After obtaining its ISO 14001 certification in 2000 and launching its GRI Sustainable Development Report in 2013, Énergir took concrete measures towards a more sustainable development of society and the environment.
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Environmental Management System

Sound environmental management is essential to sustainable development, and Énergir’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is governed by this principle. Through this system, which applies to natural gas distribution activities in Québec, Énergir prevents or reduces the negative repercussions of its activities on the environment. The actions Énergir has taken since implementing the EMS have enabled it to reduce its GHG emissions, optimize the use of its resources, increase the volume of the waste it recovers and promote energy efficiency programs for its customers. 

Environmental Policy

Énergir also ensures that its daily operations comply with its Environmental Policy—a fundamental element of the Environmental Management System. Under this policy, Énergir is committed to showing leadership, rigour and determination in pursuing its environmental actions in its Québec gas distribution operations and with its customers and the general public in a context of sustainable development. 

Responsible procurement

By publishing its Sustainable Development Roadmap in 2012, Énergir committed to becoming an influencer for its suppliers, especially through its procurement approach. A responsible procurement process was therefore introduced for the purpose of structuring and measuring initiatives already underway. The actions implemented include a Supplier Code of Conduct, published in April 2015. It is a guide of behaviours Énergir expects from its suppliers, particularly in terms of sustainable development and responsible business practices.

GRI Sustainable Development Report

Énergir’s 2013 Sustainable Development Report was the first in Québec to meet the requirements of the fourth-generation Global Reporting Initiative (G4 GRI). The report is in line with our sustainable development initiative and our discussions with our stakeholders. Check out the new 2015 sustainability report.

Awards and recognition

Because of the various measures Énergir has implemented and its employees’ valuable commitment to them, the company has garnered multiple awards and accolades over the past few years.
  • 2015: The Énergir head office obtains the ICI ON RECYCLE level 3 certification
  • 2015: Énergir is ranked 7th in the Corporate Knights list of most sustainable corporations in Canada and 2nd in Québec
  • 2014: Énergir wins the bronze (score of 96%) at the annual Vision Awards (League of American Communications Professionals) for the best sustainable development reports
  • 2014: Sophie Brochu receives the Green CEO Award
  • 2014: Our business office in Rouyn-Noranda obtains the LEED Canada NC 2009 certification 2014: The Énergir head office is certified BOMA BEST
  • 2014: Énergir receives an honourable mention for its Sustainable Development Report at the Novae Corporate Citizenship Awards
  • 2013: Énergir’s first Sustainable Development Report receives the Materiality Matters check international compliance validation from the fourth-generation GRI
  • 2010: The Énergir head office obtains the LEED Canada-CI Silver certification
  • 2009: Énergir receives the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award
  • 2000: Énergir is the first gas distribution company in Canada whose Environmental Management System (EMS) is ISO 14001 certified
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A practice integrated into our everyday

Énergir implements several tools as part of a sustainable development approach, and these are present in its day-to-day operations.
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An integral part of our business model

Our business model reflects our commitment to placing sustainable development at the centre of our activities by reducing our energy consumption, substituting polluting forms of energy, developing new energies and contributing to the carbon market.

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Central to life at Énergir

Énergir promotes its employees’ responsible choices and their commitment to projects that are part of a sustainable development approach. More than just an abstract concept for employees, sustainable development is becoming essential in every aspect of their work.

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Part of our relationships with the community

Sustainable development is also central to Énergir’s relationships with external players, which is reflected in its investments in many rallying projects, community initiatives and sponsorships.

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