Our achievements

We continuously work to reduce the impact of our activities. Here are a few concrete examples that demonstrate our commitment to the community and the environment.
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Energy efficiency

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Pursuing growth while helping more customers consume less — it’s all part of the solution.

We were the first energy company in Québec to implement an energy efficiency program for customers. We have more than 20 energy efficiency solutions specifically designed for our customers, be they residential or big business. Since our program was launched in 2001, these solutions have helped our customers save 497 million cubic metres of natural gas, diminishing consumption by two times the amount used by new residential customers since 2001.
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Environmental safety

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We recognize the potential impacts of our activities on our gas network. This is why we have put mechanisms in place to minimize our ecological footprint and ensure the proper management of natural resources and of ecosystems.
Thanks to the knowledge obtained from environmental characterization studies about the location of sensitive species and areas of high biodiversity value, we can take these species into consideration when planning and carrying out our work.
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Responsible procurement

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Natural gas supply

In 2017, we initiated a responsible gas procurement process aimed at encouraging the disclosure of credible information and the employment of best practices by producers during their operations. Ultimately, we believe that the use of these best practices by producers who demonstrate sustainable development leadership can indirectly contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the natural gas we distribute.

The process has two goals:
  • buy from specific producers so that our natural gas suppliers are easier to track; and
  • buy from producers who disclose information and have shown they are adopting best ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices.
Approved in November 2019 by the Régie de l’énergie, this process was included in our supply plan. Énergir has completed its first responsible purchases of natural gas from eligible producers who have received EO100 certification™ and have agreed to share some key indicators on their operations.

Eligible producers and disclosure documents:
Seven Generations Energy
Certification report (EO100™ evaluation)
Key indicators
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Procurement of goods and services

Versaprofiles, a manufacturer of natural gas pipelines based in Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse, has been our main supplier of polyethylene lines since 2016.
Rather than purchasing these pipelines in Western Canada, which is home to numerous manufacturers, we chose a local and responsible supplier, with positive spin-offs for the population. This greatly simplified the supply chain, saving at least 238,000 kilometres in pipeline-delivery transportation annually (the equivalent of 198 tonnes of greenhouse gas), reducing costs by 80% and decreasing supply chain waste.
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Renewable natural gas

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Made from organic waste

In 2018, the first renewable natural gas (RNG) injections in our distribution network were done from the City of Saint-Hyacinthe’s organic waste reclamation centre. This RNG is produced locally from organic waste (food waste and other organic material). In partnership with us, the municipality of Saint-Hyacinthe was the first city in Québec to produce energy through biomethanization and thus take another step toward energy self-reliance. This initiative will heat the city’s buildings and fuel its vehicles, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Social implications

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  • Bleu études

    The Bleu études project came about when we realized we could help in our way to curb school dropout rates by reaching out to students and introducing them to trade positions at Énergir; for example, through meetings with employees who work in the trades.
  • Atout coeur

    Our Atout Cœur program encourages our staff to get involved in their community by volunteering their time and energy for causes dear to their heart. Each year, we give close to $70,000 to approximately 30 causes championed by our employees.
  • Christmas baskets

    Since 1984, it has been a tradition for our employees to come together to prepare and deliver Christmas baskets to low-income families in the Centre-Sud and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhoods. Each year, we join with employees to donate more than $50,000 to more than 240 families so that they may spend the holidays with a well-stocked pantry.
  • Baril school advocacy committee

    Baril school, located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, has benefited from a special relationship with us for many years. An employee committee organizes activities to enrich the daily lives of the school’s students, including a Christmas party for the younger kids and a career day for the older youths.