Message from the President

Considering energy in the long term

Energy is generally for immediate consumption. We need energy to travel now, warm up now, turn on the lights now. As an energy company, our challenge is to consider the long term as we meet these immediate needs.  A person who is cold today and finds comfort in penalizing future generations to keep warm is on the wrong track. We must stop taking from our children. This is the essence of sustainable development, the urgency of the energy challenge. Continue reading
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Materiality assessment

The materiality assessment, which is conducted with internal and external stakeholders, is essential for gaining a better understanding of the sustainability aspects that are most important for Gaz Métro.

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The following topics present Énergir’s management approaches and performance in relation to the sustainability aspects deemed most important by our stakeholders. Click here to find out more on the other aspects and performance indicators that are presented on Énergir’s sustainability performance tracking platform.
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Our sustainability performance tracking platform

The 10 aspects that were not included in this report further to the prioritization process are nevertheless included on Gaz Métro’s sustainability performance tracking platform, which discloses all our sustainability performance indicators and will be updated yearly; the Sustainability Report will continue to be published every two years.
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