About the project

The $42-million project, for which the government will contribute up to $33 million, could serve some 100 customers who would consume 9.2 million m3 of natural gas. Once fully operational, the natural gas system will reduce GHG emissions by close to 8,600 tonnes and will result in energy cost savings of around $2.5 million per year. This project is subject to Régie de l’énergie approval. 
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Natural gas, part of everyday life

Millions of people enjoy the benefits of natural gas, which make it one of the most commonly used energy sources in the world today. From homes, restaurants and schools, to grocery stores, office buildings, hospitals and heavy industry, natural gas is part of Québecers’ day-to-day life.
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Living blue means choosing comfort and the pleasure of home living

Efficient, practical and safe, natural gas is the energy choice of many a Québec family. From air and water heating to cooking and drying, using natural gas makes living spaces even more pleasant.
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Natural gas is commonly used to heat large spaces in hospitals, schools, warehouses, office buildings, arenas, and stores, as well as smaller spaces like restaurants, convenience stores and hair salons. It is also used for heating water, cooking and as fuel for commercial fleets.

The use of natural gas is also widespread in the industrial sector

Énergir’s clientele includes aluminium plants and businesses in the mining, papermaking, agrifood and metallurgy sectors, all of which consume nearly half of the company’s natural gas deliveries. Since natural gas is the only energy source with a high enough calorific value to replace heavy fuel oil, industries use it not only to heat air and water, but also for processing methods.

Clean and economical energy

Less costly than electricity and heavy fuel oil, natural gas can cut the energy bills of businesses and industries in half. Opting for natural gas also means choosing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. When a plant uses natural gas instead of oil, it cuts its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 32%, it almost completely abolished the emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphurs (those responsible for acid rain ) as well as the fine particles and it saves up to 40% on energy costs — key to continued development and improved profitability.

Natural gas is also a fuel

Liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas motors are a proven technology commonly used for many years in road and maritime transport worldwide. As the best alternative fuel to diesel or gasoline for heavy-duty vehicles, natural gas in transportation also reduces GHG emissions by as much as 25%. No less than 22 million vehicles worldwide are already blue-fuelled.
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Contact us

For any information related to the project, contact us at 1 844 483-1313.
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