Extension of the gas network from Saint-Rémi to Sainte-Clotilde

In the interests of supporting the regional economic development of cities within the RCM of Jardins-de-Napierville, a project to extend the natural gas distribution network is currently underway. Energy supply that will help the regional economy grow and could allow future customers connect to the gas network.
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The project at a glance

Énergir is adding new underground pipelines over a distance of approximately 30 km to strengthen the network in Saint-Rémi and serve the municipality of Sainte-Clotilde. To connect the city of Saint-Rémi to the city of Sainte-Clotilde, several teams from the contractor Pomerleau will work simultaneously in different sectors of the two municipalities, between July and December 2019.

This major project, supporting the region’s economic development, received $17,425,000 in financial assistance from the Quebec government.
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Project route

A rigorous analysis of the project made it possible to propose the route with the least impact on the environment and on citizens. Here is quick overview of the work to be done:
  • Delivery station upgrade (dismantling and reconstruction)
  • Installation of pressure regulator stations (pressure regulation) and valve stations (network isolation)
  • Installation of underground natural gas pipelines (supply and distribution)
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Infrastructure required

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  • Distribution system

    • Materials: Steel
    • Diameter: 6 in.
    • Installation: mainly on public rights of way
    • Length: 14.8 km
  • Supply network

    • Materials: steel and polyethylene
    • Diameter: some will be 6 in. and others 8 in.
    • Installation: mainly on public rights of way
    • Length: 18 km
  • Delivery Station

    • The delivery station, located along Route 221 approximately 200 metres north of the Rang Sainte-Thérèse intersection, will be dismantled and rebuilt
    • It will be used to lower the pressure between the transmission line and the supply line
  • Valve station

    • A valve station will be installed on Rang Saint-Paul near the Parc des Quatre-Vents
    • It will be used to isolate the network
  • Pressure regulator station

    • A pressure regulator station will be installed in Sainte-Clotilde on Chemin de la Rivière, near the Montée Hope crossing
    • It will be used to regulate pressure on the network
Work is performed between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, from early July to early December 2019, with the exception of statutory holidays. As always, Énergir intends to make every effort necessary to minimize any inconvenience this work might cause.
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Those wishing to be connected to the network can contact Énergir (1 844 483-1313). Any connection must be analyzed in order to ensure its profitability, both for the customer and for Énergir.
Our development teams have been working in the field in recent months to support potential customers.
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Énergir favours the installation of pipelines in municipal rights-of-way, but in some cases there are constraints that prevent it. In such cases, agreements have been reached with land owners to negotiate a permanent easement for the pipelines or a temporary one to install equipment during the work.
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The work will be carried out sequentially to minimize impacts on the entire project route.
In general, for streets affected by the work, at least one lane in the opposite direction will remain open and appropriate signage will be put in place. In addition, dedicated staff will direct traffic and ensure the safe travel of road users. Where required, detours have also been planned.

For narrower streets, only local traffic will be permitted. However, on a daily basis, a segment of these streets will have to be temporarily closed, even to local traffic, to allow the safe descent of the gas line. This task is planned to be carried out within 2 hours on a daily basis, unless there is an exceptional situation, such as the forecast of heavy rainfall, which could affect closing times for security reasons.

Residents affected by the work done on their street will receive a letter to inform them more precisely of the impacts to be expected and the measures implemented to mitigate them.
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This work is carefully planned, monitored and performed by our engineering and construction teams. Evaluations are also conducted so as to address specific concerns.
The risks of this type of work are no different from those found on any construction site. The “natural gas” factor only comes into play at the very end of the work, when the new pipeline is put into service. This type of work is performed regularly by our teams, who are trained in the use of safe procedures.
Our technical specifications, the current standards we comply with, and our best practices are all guarantee that these risks are reduced to their minimum.
In the event of an emergency, we are trained to respond quickly and effectively so as to resolve any type of situation.
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Natural gas

  • Natural gas is 95% methane (CH4).
  • Methane is produced in nature by living organisms and decomposing organic substances.
  • It is lighter than air and disperses into the atmosphere when released.
  • It is naturally odourless. We add mercaptan, a substance that releases a similar smell to rotten eggs, which makes it possible to detect it at very low concentrations in the air (less than 1%).
  • Natural gas is not toxic or water soluble.

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Advantages of natural gas

By replacing petroleum products and coal, natural gas helps to reduce greenhouse gases by 32%. Natural gas emits significantly fewer atmospheric pollutants and makes it possible to eliminate nearly all sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), pollutants which are, among other things, responsible for acid rain and health problems.
  • 32% reduction in GHG
  • 99% reduction in SO2 emissions
  • 70% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 70% reduction in fine particulates
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