Considering energy in the long term

Energy is generally for immediate consumption. We need energy to travel now, warm up now, turn on the lights now. As an energy company, our challenge is to consider the long term as we meet these immediate needs.  A person who is cold today and finds comfort in penalizing future generations to keep warm is on the wrong track. We must stop taking from our children. This is the essence of sustainable development, the urgency of the energy challenge. Continue reading
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Our values

Responsibility, performance and respect

As a responsible enterprise, Énergir particularly intends to respond to the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to theirs. As a performing enterprise, Énergir cultivates excellence and endeavours to achieve the best results for itself and for its business partners. As a respectful enterprise, Énergir fully considers the interests and expectations of its customers, its investors, its employees and communities.

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Our energies

We believe diversity is key to the future of energy. This is why Énergir is involved in developing renewable, liquefied and compressed natural gas, solar and wind power and hydroelectricity.
  • Natural gas

    Énergir is the largest gas distributor in Québec and Vermont.
  • Renewable natural gas

    Renewable natural gas produced from organic matter.

  • Liquefied natural gas

    LNG is natural gas that changes from a gaseous to a liquid state.
  • Compressed natural gas

    CNG is compressed natural gas that can be used as fuel.
  • Wind power

    Investments in several wind farms in Québec and Vermont.
  • Solar power

    Solar farm, energy efficiency programs and other innovative projects.
  • Hydroelectricity

    Hydroelectricity production through our U.S. subsidiary.
  • Cow power

    Producing electricity takes an unexpected form in Vermont.

Our activities

Our activities include the distribution of natural gas in Quebec and Vermont, electrical distribution in Vermont, transport of natural gas through various subsidiaries, energy production and services, storage and others. Learn more

Our subsidiaries

Énergir directly or indirectly owns a number of subsidiaries that allow it to pursue a diverse range of activities, from power generation to installation services, in Québec, Canada and the United States. Learn more

Corporate structure

Énergir is owned 29% by Valener Inc., 28% by Enbridge and 43% by a group of shareholders. For more information, please visit the following page.