• Repurposing trash to make renewable natural gas

    Saint-Hyacinthe transforms its organic waste into renewable natural gas which is then injected into our network.
  • Transforming forestry waste into energy

    In Quebec, wood transformation generates forestry waste. We are working towards transforming it into renewable natural gas.
  • Producing energy with cattle manure

    We work with farmers in Arthabaska to transform slurry into renewable natural gas and fertilizer to be used in the area.
  • Cutting heating costs thanks to the sun

    Trigo Énergies, a Québec company, is testing a new solar captor that can directly heat the air inside buildings, and we’re proud to fund this innovative project.

Renewable naturel gas

An energy produced here

Renewable natural gas is a natural gas that is produced from a 100% renewable and carbon-neutral source: organic wastes like your left overs. A concrete solution in the fight against climate change.
  • Offering natural gas as fuel

    Québec company EBI operates six—soon to be eight—natural gas refuelling stations supplied by our network, therefore offering transport companies an affordable and cleaner fuel.
  • Making electricity out of wind

    The Seigneurie-de-Beaupré wind farm boasts 154 wind turbines, which can meet the energy needs of 65,000 Québec homes.
  • Powering the development of remote regions with natural gas

    Giving natural gas access to Quebec companies by replacing petroleum products helps cut GHG while promoting local economic growth.
  • Reducing shipping pollution with natural gas

    To reduce the environmental impact of the shipping industry, replacing marine diesel by natural gas is ideal for refulling ships in the Port of Montréal, and soon the Port of Québec.
  • Swifter than the wind

    Wind doesn’t just generate energy—it can also power vehicles. We’re supporting the Chinook team from ÉTS as they develop and perfect their wind-powered car in view of the annual Racing Aeolus in the Netherlands
  • Producing hydroelectricity

    In Vermont, our subsidiary operates 44 hydroelectric plants and supplies nearly 265,000 clients—that’s 70% of the market in this state bordering Québec.
  • Reducing the energy consumption of local companies

    Our client Cascades is testing an energy management system based on the ISO 50001 standard. We’re providing financial support for this flagship project that aims to show we can go even further with energy efficiency.
  • Heating and cooling with water

    Through our subsidiary ECCU, we operate an urban energy network that heats and air conditions a third of the commercial space in downtown Montréal. It’s a system that helps save a lot of space in the crowded city centre.