About cross bores

The natural gas industry has been using trenchless technology for years to install its underground infrastructures. While this approach saves time, is cost-effective and has little impact on the environment, some natural gas lines installed using this technique may have inadvertently intersected with a sewer service line.

Before clearing a blocked sewer line, call Info-Excavation

A natural gas line could be obstructing the sewer service line using mechanical tools or a high-pressure water jet, you could inadvertently cause a gas leak or even a fire or explosion.

Before you attempt to clear a blocked sewer line beyond a building's walls, you must immediately contact Info-Excavation at 1 800 663-9228, option 1.

Two situations may occur:

The gas network is not close in proximity

The work can proceed safely.

The gas network is close by

A crew will be dispatched immediately to locate the natural gas and sewer service lines. In case of interference, the situation will be corrected by Énergir. Wheter it takes a few minutes or several hours, Énergir will reimburse your wait time.

In the event of a break in a natural gas pipeline or any other component of the natural gas distribution system:

  • Stop work immediately
  • Avoid contact with any sources of flame or spark, including light switches and telephones
  • Move quickly away from the source ofthe leak and leave the building
  • Call 9-1-1 once you are in a safe location.