It's a fact : you have chosen the least expensive energy source

Because natural gas is less costly than electricity and heavy fuel oil,1 it reduces your energy costs, freeing you up to invest more in your projects. In addition to saving money, you benefit from a source of energy that delivers superior performance. 

Save even more, for a limited time

Until December 15, 2017, obtain up to 30 % in rebates on the purchase and installation of high efficiency appliances when ading to those you already have.2

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Whatever your situation, we have rebates for you

Do you want to replace a piece of equipment? Add a new one to what you already have? Substitute natural gas for another form of energy? Whatever your choice, you may be eligible to receive one of our grants.3 

Investing in efficiency: A smart choice with long-lasting benefits

Why choose a high efficiency appliance? First of all, to consume less energy while enjoying the same level of performance and comfort. Second of all, for their precision and reliability, which provide peace of mind. But also, because Énergir offers grants to support your long-term investment. 

Increase your savings with high efficiency appliances

Unit heater
Perfect for warehouses, loading docks and other large areas that need to be heated quickly.

The most efficient solution for heating with hot water.

Water heater
Effortlessly produces large quantities of hot water, in less time than electric models.

Variable speed hood
Ideal for commercial and institutional kitchens.

Infrared heating
Designed for large spaces, radiating heat instantly creates a feeling of warmth. 


New customer? Take full advantage of natural gas

Have you recently moved into a building that is powered by natural gas? Reap all its benefits by consulting the following essential articles:

1.  Based on Énergir rates and those of Hydro-Québec approved by the Régie de l’énergie; takes into account base electric consumption and rack price of oil with 2% sulfur including, in particular, transport, distribution and CATS in effect July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

2.  Certain conditions apply. The offer begins October 2, 2017 and ends December 15, 2017. To take advantage of this offer, signed contract must be provided before the end of the offer to the contractor responsible for the installation or the Énergir representative. The offer takes into account the maximum amount available through various Énergir financial assistance programs for heating systems. The offer applies primarily to commercial establishments, institutions and multiple occupancy rental units, and small and medium-size businesses using natural gas for heating with high-efficiency equipment (cooking appliances are excluded from this offer). The program is subject to change without notice and amounts may vary depending on the equipment installed and on building characteristics.

3.  Offer subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. The amount of financial incentive is determined according to the expected consumption of natural gas, the type of equipment to be installed and the total investment. Signing of a 5 year natural gas contract is required. Eligibility criteria are foreseen in the texts of the Rebate Consumption Program approved by the Régie de l'énergie and a copy can be transmitted on request.

4.  In order to qualify for this grant, you must contractually commit with Énergir or an Énergir Authorized Partner prior to your high efficiency appliances’ installation. The total grant amount must not exceed admissible amounts. Some restrictions apply. The conditions of the program and the amount of the grants are subject to change without notice.