Case study - Buanderie Blanchelle

Buanderie Blanchelle has been providing linen and bedding supplies rental, maintenance and supply services to the healthcare sector since 1977. It operates in Quebec and the United States with a team of 250 employees who share a common objective: contribute to the improvement of hygiene and quality in the hospital environment by providing customers with the very best services and products. In order to remain competitive and to continue to treat textiles at competitive prices, Buanderie Blanchelle must rely on efficient, high-performance equipment; that it is why the company recently chose natural gas appliances.

Buanderie Blanchelle received grants of


Annual savings of Buanderie Blanchelle are


A cleaner energy

As part of its initiative to improve methods and processes, Buanderie Blanchelle used Énergir's financial assistance towards the installation of eight unit heaters, one boiler and fourteen dryers. As a result, the company has increased its energy efficiency

and cut costs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In so doing, it will be able to continue offering high-level textile treatment at a competitive price.