Producing more paper without consuming more energy has always been a concern and value for Cascades, the world’s leading pulp and paper company. Implementing various energy efficiency projects is therefore a must.

Energy management system
Tansforms an organizations's culture
Minimizes energy waste and GHG emissions
Allows cost savings



Innovative leader

Thanks to Énergir’s Innovation program, which supports the implementation of best practices, Cascades was able to put an energy management system (EMS) in place. It consists in a continuous improvement structure, whereby the company can monitor, manage and refine energy use in the plant in order to become progressively more efficient.

As an example, when an EMS analysis found that a poorly calibrated piece of equipment was not operating at full capacity, the faulty part was quickly replaced. Production was able to resume at full capacity with no added energy costs, saving the company the tens of thousands of dollars a production slowdown would have cost it.