A hospital proud of going green

The hospital centre, aided by invaluable subsidies, naturally turned towards natural gas. Both greener and less expensive, this fuel powers its boilers, which produce the steam and hot water necessary for heating the buildings, sterilizing equipment, and preparing food, amongst other things. Because it’s so easy to use, natural gas was also chosen for heating the air in certain ventilation systems and drying linen in the laundry department.

The CHUS received energy efficiency grants of


The CHUS's annual energy savings are


Greater reliability, efficiency and competitive rates

CHUS originally used heavy fuel oil, which was once very popular, but is highly polluting and impractical. Since switching to natural gas, the hospital centre has enjoyed greater reliability, efficiency and competitive rates. In terms of day-to-day operations, though, employees just love how easy it is to use. Back in the days of oil-fired boilers, the fuel had to be 

supplied and stored, the pumping system had to be maintained, clogs and leaks had to be prevented, and messes had to be cleaned up. It was a veritable nightmare for staff. Since converting to natural gas, the stress and worry about heating oil is over. Natural gas is incredibly reliable and that’s crucial for a hospital.

More efficiency, less GHG

With natural gas boilers it’s possible to achieve better efficiency than with heating oil systems. For example, adding a condensing heat reclaimer can make it even more energy efficient, which translates into savings. By choosing natural gas and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, the CHUS is especially proud of being greener than ever