Case study - Bellini Coiffure

Being your own boss is always demanding, and long work hours go hand in hand with commitment to doing a job well, protecting employees and maintaining a loyal customer base. Even in a small business, each financial decision matters; to save money, you most often have to choose to invest. That’s what Bellini Coiffure did when it decided to upgrade the heating system for its salon.

Bellini Coiffure received grants of


Annual savings of Bellini Coiffure are


Peace of mind that’s worth its weight in gold

By investing wisely and taking advantage of $5,600 in financial assistance, Bellini Coiffure was able to install two hot air generators, a water heater and a dryer. Using natural gas, he’s seen a 30% reduction in energy costs, or $400 per month. On top of the savings created, he and his customers and employees now enjoy greater comfort.