Case study - Coopérative d'habitation la Rive Gauche

The idea behind housing cooperatives is to pool together everyone’s work and resources, and allow everyone to get involved on a daily basis in order to live better while spending less. Michel L’Espérance has a good grasp of this concept, which is why he turned to natural gas when it came time to upgrade the cooperative’s heating system.

Coopérative d'habitation la Rive Gauche received grants of


Annual savings of Coopérative d'habitation la Rive Gauche are


A three-year program with immediate savings

Mr. L’Espérance saw upgrading the heating system with natural gas as a logical and cost-effective option. And for good reason: after just one year, the cooperative had already saved 20%. The three-year program includes setting up wall-mounted condensation boilers and includes $66,240 in financial

assistance. Not only did this decision allow the cooperative to increase its energy efficiency and reduce expenses, but the new system also frees up some space as it is tankless, provides residents with a consistent temperature and reduces pipe noises. Total peace of mind.