Case study - Fredette Pneus et Mécanique

At a garage, the doors are constantly opening and closing. There are so many opportunities for energy and potential savings to disappear into thin air. When Yves Fredette had to renovate in 2008, it was with a view to increase profitability, but also improve his staff’s working conditions that he consulted an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partne, Plomberie Fury. Together they found a solution geared to the garage’s needs. With subsidies amounting to $8,750, Fredette Pneus et Mécanique made a switch to blue that is still paying off both economically and in terms of quality of life.

Purchase and installation grants of


Annual savings of


Infrared heating system is designed for garages

The first major change was to get rid of the oil and electric heating before installing a natural gas system. Next, they put in two hot air furnaces for the office and the warehouse, then three unit heaters and three infrared units. The latter keep the mechanics, their tools and the ambient air nice and warm, while reducing energy consumption. The conversion was done outside of business hours, so there was no loss of profit.

Today, Fredette Pneus et Mécanique not only saves about 21% in utilities annually, but employees miss less work—because they aren’t exposed to constant temperature fluctuations, they don’t get sick as often. Savings, energy efficiency and a more enjoyable work environment—for Yves Fredette and his team, natural gas has been an unqualified boon.