Objective: Get out of the woods

For 27 years, LeVert Paysage Botanix heated their centre the only way possible: with propane and fuel oil, but that was too costly, so they burned firewood instead. They bought huge furnaces, an excavator and a generator, built warehouses to store the wood, hired four dedicated employees, stoked the fire day and night… and then survived a fire. Suffice it to say that the time had come for LeVert Paysage Botanix to find a greener solution.

LeVert Paysage Botanix saved
per year in energy costs.

LeVert Paysage Botanix saved
per year compared to using propane.

The end to high costs... and headaches

When LeVert Landscape Botanix moved its garden centre to Route 117, traffic quadrupled and they were finally able to heat their 18,000-foot greenhouses with just two natural gas furnaces. "If we hadn’t had access to natural gas, we would have had to quit producing flowers," said son Philippe Guay, Manager of Gardening Centre Development. "I pity the gardeners who still have to heat with wood. That’s no picnic! "

Life isn't rosy for my competitors without natural gas.

Philippe Guay, Manager, Gardening Centre Development, LeVert Paysage Botanix