Miels Labonté received
in grants.

Miels Labonté saved
compared to using oil.

Liquid assets

Honey crystallizes when stored, so it needs to be liquefied before it’s packed and shipped. This requires a lengthy heating process at a carefully controlled temperature to maintain the quality of the honey. When Miel Labonté replaced their oil furnace with a natural gas appliance, they reduced liquefaction time from 16 to 12 hours.

"The savings are sweet with natural gas!"

"I didn’t believe natural gas could be so effective, but the $10,000 Énergir grant convinced me to make the switch,” said President Jean-Marc Labonté. “The natural gas network flowed just over 400 meters away, so there was no problem getting connected. The installation took less than three days and the difference in efficiency was noticed right away.”