Case study - Ricardo Tarquinio

Already seasoned property owners, Ricardo Tarquinio and some friends decided to buy a rental unit. And then they bought several more. Unsurprisingly, a few of the buildings were older and required some work. As investors who care about profitability, they had little choice but to modernize certain heating systems.

Ricardo Tarquinio received grants of


Ricardo Tarquinio's annual savings are
compared to fuel-oil.

A big plus for owners and tenants

After considering several possibilities and consulting their Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner, their game plan was clear—get rid of the old heating-oil system, and install a natural gas central water heater and high-efficiency boiler. Financial assistance amounting to $11,400 helped subsidize the installation of new equipment resulting in utility bills that are 25% smaller.

 And with a central water heater, Tarquinio doesn’t have to worry about potential water damage. He can rest easy and his tenants are happy. Now that the huge heating-oil boilers are gone, they’ve gained storage space—always a welcome addition.