A brand new image

Many businesses are decimated by fire, but when Tristan Charbonneau, François Charbonneau and Yanick Brisebois lost their beauty salon in 2014, it was more of a crystallizing experience. After making-do in borrowed space for a few months, they joined forces to create a whole new kind of salon in Saint-Bruno.
"We changed our name and our logo and created an integrated experience that tends to every aspect of our clients’ visit," said Tristan Charbonneau. The new salon includes a shop, a café and a spa—all under the umbrella of the letter “U” to symbolize unity and uniqueness.

U Salon Boutique received
in grants.

U Salon Boutique saved
compared to using electricity.

Space, hot water and dry towels

With 40 employees and 800 clients a week all moving through a 2,400 square-foot area, U Salon Boutique had no choice but to opt for natural gas. "Our gas consumption costs less than oil or electricity and the equipment takes up less space… and that’s a good thing because we pay per square foot!" said Tristan Charbonneau.
Sylvain Lamy, an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner, installed a water hot heater, a furnace and two dryers in the salon with the support of a $4,700 grant. Now U Salon Boutique has become more effective and more economical. "Hot water flows and towels dry twice as fast. Those are two big advantages for a hair salon," Charbonneau concludes.

Our competitors are probably pulling out their hair without natural gas.

Tristan Charbonneau, associate, U Salon Boutique