By recovering the heat given off when refrigerating its skating rinks, the SportPlex de l'énergie has reduced energy consumption in all its facilities. The exact opposite of the energy-guzzling arenas of the past, the sports centre in Varennes is a model of energy efficiency.

1 condensing boiler, 4 tankless water heaters
1 desiccation unit, 6 roof units
2 stoves, 2 warmers, 3 fryers, 1 grill, 1 hot plate

tons of avoided green house gases

Huge energy savings - as simple as ABC

The heat recovered from the refrigeration compressors helped heat the bleachers of the two skating rinks, as well as the physical conditioning rooms, squash courts, conference rooms, offices, and the café-restaurant. It also contributed to producing domestic hot water, running the Zamboni, and to melting snow in the indoor pit.

Complementing the natural gas heating, the heat recovery helped maximize energy consumption efficiently during peak periods. The result – savings of 150,968 cubic meter of natural gas a year, equivalent to 285 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. And, of course, energy bills were reduced to a minimum.

“As well as being efficient, the system is very simple to manage. It automatically detects temperature variations and coordinates the appliances accordingly,” proudly says Josée Beauchemin, Director General and Co-owner of the complex that opened in August 2015.

The help that made all the difference

Josée Beauchemin confesses that she might never have made this decision without the help of Énergir’s energy efficiency program. “It was a significant outlay, and we wondered if we would ever get a return on our investment. But the grants encouraged us in our decision.

“The experts from Énergir worked with us from A to Z in designing the system and in requesting a grant,” says Mrs. Beauchemin. “In addition to getting the comfort of natural gas, we got sound advice to optimize its use.”

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Our success depends on the quality of our facilities, and on the efficiency of out building.

Josée Beauchemin, General Director and Co-owner, SportPlex de l'énergie

Get up to $5/m3 of natural gas saved

Énergir will grant financial assistance of $5 per cubic metre of natural gas saved, up to a maximum of $325,000, for the construction of a new efficient building. In addition, Énergir covers 75% of energy simulation fees and up to $15,000 of the cost of an energy simulation for your new building.*