O Chevreuil received
in grants.

O Chevreuil saved
per month compared to using electricity.

For the price...

Energy is a major expense in the restaurant business. Sales and expenses are always fluctuating and the cost of cooking and keeping food is rapidly rising. O Chevreuil tavern keeps costs in check with natural gas, which they use to power their heating, air conditioning and hot water heater, plus their stoves, fryers and grill. Their initial investment of nearly $75,000 quickly paid for itself—an amount that would only run the lighting and the cellar if they’d stuck with electricity.

...and the taste!

Price wasn’t the only reason O Chevreuil tavern got cooking with natural gas. "Our dishes taste better because it’s easier to control the heat and brown the meats,” said Julien Bousquet, co-owner of the tavern. “The appliances are also durable and easy to maintain. When you’re cooking in quantity, natural gas brings the quality."

I'm smoking the competition with natural gas!

Julien Bousquet, co-owner of O Chevreuil tavern