Natural gas is cheaper than electricity and fuel oil

Energy costs are a significant part of operating costs. By reducing your energy bill, you will generate substantial savings for your company. If you are a residential customer, we invite you to visit our residential grants page.

Obtain an attractive rebate for your business

Obtain a  grant of up to 30%1 toward the cost of purchase and installation of high-efficiency appliances.

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Find out how much you may be eligible to receive

Do you want to replace your current appliance? Regardless of whether your appliance currently uses fuel oil or electricity, you may be eligible for a grant.

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Want to learn more about the appliances available?

Here are some appliances that will allow you to take full advantage of natural gas. To help you reduce your energy consumption, are also available in high-efficiency.

Unit heater
Perfect for warehouses, loading docks and other large areas that need to be heated quickly.

The most efficient solution for heating with hot water.

Water heater
Effortlessly produces large quantities of hot water, in less time than electric models.

Variable speed hood
Ideal for commercial and institutional kitchens.

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Take advantage or our attractive rebates!

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1 Conditions apply. Only buildings within proximity of the natural gas network are eligible for the grant. To take advantage of the offer, a signed agreement must be submitted prior to the high efficiency appliances’ installation to the contractor in charge of the work or an Énergir representative. The amount of the grants may vary depending on the equipment installed and the building’s characteristics. The amount of financial incentive is determined according to the expected consumption of natural gas, the type of equipment to be installed and the total investment. Signing of a 5 year natural gas contract is required. Eligibility criteria are foreseen in the texts of the Rebate Consumption Program approved by the Régie de l'énergie and a copy can be transmitted on request. The total grant amount must not exceed admissible amounts. Some restrictions apply. The conditions of the program and the amount of the grants are subject to change without notice.

* The calculation of energy savings is generally based on: (i) an evaluation of the energy efficiency of the various types of appliances, according to their age; and (ii) based on the average annual prices available for the different sources of energy for the Montréal (Québec) area. Several factors, particularly related to the building and appliances, may influence actual results. The results of this calculation are estimates only and may therefore differ from reality.