Energy efficient renovations grant

This program is aimed at encouraging renovations that will improve the thermal envelope of buildings to make them more energy efficient. It offers financial assistance for energy efficient work on the building envelope, such as : replacing the windows, insulating the walls, insulating the roof, sealing the building, installing thermal screens for greenhouses, etc.

Benefits of the program

Reduce your energy costs

Improving thermal envelope helps to reduce your energy consumption, and by extension, your operating costs. It could also increase the resale value of the building.

Grant amount

Get up to 50% of the cost of your work

Énergir will pay you financial assistance for the renovation of any building supplied with natural gas. The financial assistance is based on the energy savings generated. The amount of financial assistance awarded may not be higher than 50% of the investment costs.*

How to get the grant

See the participant's guide

To learn the program's implementation steps and eligibility criterias, consult the Participant's Guide. You will find all the necessary information such as the description and objectives of the program, grant amount, eligibility criteria, implementation steps and forms to complete.

Participant's guide


* You must completely fill out and send your DECLARATION OF INTENT (FORM 1) in which you tellÉnergir your intends to participate in the program before the start of your work. The start of work is the date of signing of the first contract for the renovation project.

The percentage of energy savings is calculated based on the annual baseline heating.Énergir reserves the right:

  • to modify the program or to terminate without notice
  • to interpret the terms of the program;
  • to accept, reject or adjust the energy of all the measures proposed by the customers or other stakeholder economies;
  • limit the number of projects when the budget reserved for the program is exhausted.