You have chosen the least expensive energy source

Did you know that the price of natural gas is 30% cheaper than electricity and 50% cheaper than oil? It alone can generate significant cost reductions for your organization.1

Natural gas is definitely an improvement on electricity in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and savings.

Jean Lemay, Energy Manager at the City of Québec

Chart comparing annual energy costs1 equivalent to 41,500 m3 (85% heating, 15% processes).

Now is the ideal time to buy new appliances

Until March 17, 20172


Obtain a grant of up to 30% toward the cost of purchase and installation of additional high performance equipment.

Save more!

Add an additional appliance or replace an older model with a more recent one and get an additional $300 rebate.
Now's the time to take advantage of our grants!

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Live the blue

By using it in a variety of ways, you get more out of natural gas and you can save even more money. Here are different ways to take greater advantage of life in blue:

Thanks to natural gas heating, benefit from an inexpensive energy source without compromising your comfort nor that of your employees or customers.

Unit heater
Hot water boiler
Steam boiler

Natural gas equipment can produce more hot water faster than electric appliances.

Storage hot water heater
Tankless water heater

Natural gas ventilation equipment ensures the sound management of your company’s air quality, which is essential to your mechanical system’s smooth operation:

Roof unit
Direct-fired make-up air unit
Indirect-fired make-up air unit
Variable-speed hood
Great chefs prefer natural gas cooking appliances because the flame is direct and its heat is instantaneous and accurate, allowing for greater control.

Commercial kitchen range
Variable-speed hood

Energy efficiency

In addition to several grants for purchasing high-performance equipment, you could take advantage of many energy efficiency programs. These will help you consume less and better, and thus reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. A gesture for you, and for the planet!

Energy efficiency programs

1.  Certain conditions apply. To benefit from the rebate, a signed contract must be submitted to the contractor in charge of the work or to the Énergir representative. The offer takes into account the maximum amount available through various Énergir financial assistance programs for heating systems. This offer applies primarily to multiple occupancy rental units using natural gas for heating with a central system and with high-efficiency equipment (cooking appliances are excluded from this offer). The program may be modified without notice and grant amounts may vary depending on the equipment installed and on building characteristics.