Keep from benefiting from a high-performance and economical energy source

With natural gas, you benefit from a high-performance, safe and economical energy source, which might help you save money and invest in the improvements of your buildings. 

Obtain grants to save on energy

Until January 17, you can obtain enhanced grants when you add a new natural gas appliance to those you already have. Look at the different charts below to find out how much you could receive depending on your building consumption and the appliance you want to add. 
Now's the time to take advantage of our grants!

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Reduce your consumption with energy efficiency projects

Energy audit and implementation


Did you know that Énergir offers a grant to encourage the process of recommissioning existing mechanical systems in buildings in order to reduce your energy consumption? By realizing this process, you will reduce your annual energy consumption by 10 % to 15 %, while you will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Renewable energy

Solar preheating

Énergir is offering a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for space heating or processes and preheating water. By preheating the air or water supply, significant savings can be achieved on natural gas consumption. Highly efficient, these systems use free and renewable energy and help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Have you tought about a natural gas generator

Ideal for replacing diesel generators, natural gas generators offer a number of benefits, such as the fact they don’t have a tank, they help cut down on energy bills and they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over 1,000 customers have already opted for this solution in Québec.

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