Growth management

  • 5 ways to finance your business

    Action plan on hand, you are ready to explore financing solutions? Here are some leads to follow, presented through real business cases. 

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  • Inventory management: 4 tips to start on the right foot

    Finding the right balance between supply and demand can be hard to do in inventory management. Our tips to achieve it.

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  • 12 grants for your enterprise

    Whether you are aiming to explore a new market, hire a new employee or improve your productivity, you could have access to a grant.

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  • 19 apps for small businesses

    Discover a range of easy-to-implement apps, that will help you optimize your operations or increase your business performance.

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SMEs and energy efficiency

Production costs reduction, increase in profitability, greenhouse emissions reduction, all reasons are good for SMEs owners to integrate energy efficiency programs in their business. And their number doing so is constantly increasing.


Where to start

You've never implemented energy efficiency programs? You think it is not for your business? Start with this summary review that explains different ways to integrate energy efficiency. Then, let yourself be inspired by Le Grimoire microbrewery and BioBiscuit stories, who, each in their way, saved a lot with energy efficiency programs.

Easier than we think

To lower your energy consumption can be easier than it seems. More often than not, we associate energy performance with energy efficient equipment, and Énergir offers interesting grants to buy and install natural gas equipment. If you are not planning to renovate or upgrade your equipment though, you can start saving energy and lower your bill by following a few basic tips regarding your space heating, water heating, and building shell.

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A safe and reliable network

Énergir's distribution network is among the most modern in North America and is maintained by a team of experts who monitor the system 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Moreover, the design and construction of Énergir’s network meet the most stringent standards of the Canadian gas industry.

Reducing your costs

Reducing your business operating costs could mean a chance to invest in its growth. It is not always an easy task to track those costs down, nor to know how to prevent them. Did you know that natural gas was up to 40% cheaper thant electricity or oil? In addition, theses prices should stay stable over the next 10 years. Here is a good way to start saving! Other than energy costs, a whole host of factors could make you save. Read our article and see how you can increase your profitability.
Energy annual costs comparison for a 30,000 ft2 (85% heating, 15% processing).

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