Exclusive rebate for Énergir customers

By opting for natural gas, you benefit from economical, safe and reliable energy. You make your business more competitive and maximize your home’s comfort. Énergir offers grants to help your purchase new natural gas appliances.

Business customers

To help you purchase new natural gas appliances, Énergir offers grants to current customers who add appliances to what they already have. Below are the amounts you could receive for replacing an electric or oil appliance or for adding a completely new appliance.²

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Customers who are owners of rental properties

If you are an Énergir customer who owns a multi-unit building, you may be eligible for financial assistance for the replacement of your central system. The amount varies based on the type of appliance being replaced and the number of units in your building. ²

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Residential customers

Did you know that older appliances consume more energy and are less efficient than new appliances? Énergir customers can get a rebate of up to $1,200 on the purchase of a high efficiency appliance.1

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1 Certain conditions apply. Grants may vary depending on the equipment installed and on building characteristics. The offer applies primarily for resiences using natural gas for heating with high efficiency equipment. The grants are not available for houses with a heat-pump or with a dual energy heating system, and the house can not be part of a new housing construction. Also, these grants do not apply to those building their own home. The programm may be modified without notice.
2. Certain conditions apply. To take advantage of this offer, signed contract must be provided before the end of the offer to the contractor responsible for the installation or the Énergir representative. The offer takes into account the maximum amount available through various Énergir financial assistance programs for heating systems. The offer applies primarily to commercial establishments, institutions and multiple occupancy rental units, and small and medium-size businesses using natural gas for heating with high-efficiency equipment (cooking appliances are excluded from this offer). The program is subject to change without notice and amounts may vary depending on the equipment installed and on building characteristics.