Énergir offers a grant to encourage the development of new technologies or innovative use of existing technologies with promising energy efficiency potential.

Benefits of the Program

Reduce your projects' costs

By participating in this program, you get a grant to reduce the project costs incurred for buildings that use natural gas as a source of energy.

Program Save up

Get up to 75% of the project costs

The Innovation Program offers financial assistance covering up to 75% of the project costs involving technologies or innovative approaches, or up to a maximum of $25,000 for an experimental project and up to $250,000 for a demonstration project.*

How to get the grant?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Present your project by completing the form and sending a copy to
  2. Attach the CVs for each member of the project's team, as well as a detailed financial plan for your project.
  3. Your project will then be analyzed according to the assessment and you will be notified if it has been accepted and the financial assistance to be granted.
  4. For any additional information about the Innovation Program, please write us at or leave us a message at 514 529-2244.


* Projects must include an innovative technology or approach, or use a renewable energy as a complement to natural gas.

  • Projects must make a more efficient use of natural gas
  • Experimental and demonstration projects are eligible. However, the maximum sums available are different:  $25,000 for an experimental project; $250,000 for a demonstration project, or up to 75% of the project costs incurred, whichever is less.
  • Projects must present solutions and technological innovations for which the energy performance, cost effectiveness and applicability have not been tested in Québec.
  • Projects eligible under Énergir Energy Efficiency programs are not elibigle.
  • You must provide follow-up and control reports during the course of the project, as well as a final report once the project has been completed.
  • Les contributions financières sont sujettes à l'approbation du projet par Énergir et sont déterminées par Énergir selon le budget alloué au programme Innovations et aux conditions en vigueur du programme Innovations technologiques PE-220.
  • The selected projects will be subject to a contract with Énergir.
  • Program subject to change without notice.