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Residential bulletin - Winter 2022 edition

Simple actions to save energy
As heating alone accounts for 64% of the total energy consumption of Québec households, it is an important element to consider if you want to cut your energy bill.1 Some small, simple changes can make a difference without reducing your comfort level.

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Toward a sustainable future with Dans la rue’s Van
Our story begins in 2017, when Dans la rue, a community organization helping Montreal’s homeless youth, needed to replace its Van, a bus that offers a safe, warm break from the street, which had come to the end of its useful life.

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Natural gas is safe

While natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest energy sources, it is nevertheless important to follow the basic rules of prevention, maintenance and installation for natural gas equipment.

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Conditions of service and Tariff

The Régie de l’énergie has approved Énergir’s Conditions of Service and Tariff. These terms apply to all of our customers and set out the conditions related to: natural gas services provided, billing and payment options, various applicable tariffs and rights and responsibilities.

Conditions of service and Tariff (PDF)

Do you have a comment or a complaint?

Énergir fully considers the interests and expectations of its customers. This is why, every year, we remind you how to proceed if you have a comment or a complaint to send us.

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