Énergir helps municipalities consume less-and better!

Since 2014, Énergir's energy efficiency programs helped to:

  • Deliver 100+ energy efficiency projects in more than 30 municipalities
  • Generate savings of over 1 million cubic metres of natural gas
  • Generate GHG reductions of 2,000 tonnes—equivalent to taking 500 vehicles off Québec’s roads each year*
  • Provide $1 million in grants to municipalities
* Assuming that a vehicle clocks 20,000 km a year and emits 4 tonnes of CO2.

Grants for purchasing high-energy efficiency appliances

Energy efficiency

Condensing boiler

90%+ efficiency
Heat recovery on combustion products.

$900 to $25,000
Mid-efficiency boiler
85%+ efficiency
Rapidity in produccing even heat in a given space..
$600 to $10,000
Infrared heating unit
High-efficiency solution
Ultra-efficient for heating large spaces like warehouses and garages.
$200 to $500 per unit
Condensing unit heater
Energy savings
Given the high efficiency of condensing appliances.
 Hot water
Energy efficiency

Condensing water heater

90%+ efficiency
For domestic hot water needs..

$750 $ to $20,000

Variable speed hood
35%-40% reduction
in energy consumption by modulating air extraction in line with what's going on in the kitchen.
$3,500* + $0.45/PCM per exhaust system
* See program conditions.

Grants - efficiency measures

 Measures available
Energy efficiency

Solar air preheating

To encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for spaces heated with natural gas.

$2/m3 natural gas saved
Up to $200,000
Energy efficiency measures
To encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures that optimize the use of natural gas.
25¢/m3 natural gas saved
Up to $100,000
New efficient construction
To encourage the construction of energy efficient buildings.
$1.50/m3 natural gas saved
Up to $275,000

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 Measures available
Energy efficiency
Feasibility study
Reimbursement of part of the cost of a study on energy efficiency measures.
50% of the cost of the study
Up to $5,000
Recommissioning A 10%–15% reduction in consumption through the recommissioning of
mechanical systems. 
Obtain up to 50% off the cost of projects
Energy-efficient renovations
Improve the thermal envelope of buildings.
Up to $40,000 (consumption ≤ 150,000 m3/year)
Up to $100,000 (consumption
> 150,000 m3/year)

Recreation facility

Regional Multisport Centre

By coming together to build the Centre multisports régional (known by its French acronym, CMR), the municipalities of Varennes, Sainte-Julie and Saint-Amable not only created the most versatile indoor soccer pitch in Québec, they also set an example for energy efficiency in the sports and leisure sphere.

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