Innovating with natural gas

In addition to being a safe and reliable solution for air and water heating, natural gas is a powerful vehicle of sustainable economic development. Gaz Métro intends to innovate alongside municipalities, notably by injecting its network with 100% renewable natural gas produced locally from putrescible materials: biomethane.

heating with apple cores

In Saint-Hyacinthe, nothing is lost – everything is transformed

It’s always good news for citizens when their municipality reduces its expenses. Even more so when it reduces its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the same time! This is the case in Saint-Hyacinthe, which has just signed an agreement with Gaz Métro to sell its surplus production of renewable natural gas made from its organic wastes.

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Three trucks are better than four

Up to 25% less GHG thanks to blue

In Québec, the transport industry produces more GHG* emissions than any other. Natural gas offers an immediate solution to reduce the environmental footprint of heavy trucks. In addition to being 40% less expensive than diesel, Blue results in up to 25% less GHG. Here’s a resource that will put Québec on the right path.

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Energy for quebec entrepreneurs

The lower cost of Blue

Natural gas offers major appeal for municipalities' economic development. Namely, its lower price enables businesses to be even more competitive. By spending less on energy, they can invest more in their company, grow and provide jobs. Natural gas also makes it possible for municipalities to save on the energy costs of their own buildings.

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